My new Schacht Reeves 30″

It has been a difficult few weeks since I got back from Switzerland. Trips always exhaust me so I was very good and did nothing very much for the first week. This meant that I missed the lighting of the beacon on Stanger head for the Jubilee and the opportunity to take pix at Dawn’s wedding on the island. Then as I started to get ready for Iceland, I managed to catch a bug – norro virus was going round Kirkwall and it could have been that. The net result was that instead of going to Iceland I was here feeling like a wet rag and unable to do anything for a week. Now things are beginning to get back to normal.

One thing to help me get over the disappointment of missing Iceland and Norway was the arrival of my new wheel. This is a Schacht Reeves 30″ Saxony. It arrived from the States via Janet at The Threshing Barn in two boxes. But even that couldn’t work right – one box arrived before the weekend and the other didn’t arrive until 3 days later!! Once I did have all the pieces I was able to put it together and then Cathy and Steve came round to tighten the nuts for me and to help get it bedded down. And here it is completed:

Like any brand new wheel it is needing lots and lots of oil. But from the start I knew it was going to be the work horse I wanted for spinning long lengths of finer yarn. It has the capability for both double drive and Scotch tension, and being a ‘left handed’ wheel I can do long draw easily without having to sit side on. In the pic you can see I have it on double drive at present, with the Scotch tension mechanism on the Mother of All out of the way:

Oh, and in case you noticed the little bit of pink on the first pic, it is a lovely orifice hook sent to me by Carol of Feisty Woman Designs!

Now I am spinning some of Carol’s batts – brightly coloured merino – and it is easy as pie. As long as I keep the bottle (of oil!) close by…

7 thoughts on “My new Schacht Reeves 30″

  1. Not so good on the tired and ill parts, Liz, but fantastic news on the wheel! I have a left-handed wheel, too, for the same reasons. Love it. Have fun spinning and oiling!

  2. Looks a really lovely wheel Liz and how exciting for you – a shame you were sick and could not get to Iceland.
    I have a new wheel too – an LG Special Little Grace made by Mike Keeves here in New Zealand. It is te second one of his I have but want to keep my original one for just spinning fine wool.

  3. Forgot to add I am a left handed spinner and the Little Grace is interchangeable so that is a great feature.

  4. Sorry to hear you were so sick and I do hope you are really better now. I am not a spinner but even I can see that is a beautiful wheel.

  5. Wonderful Liz, it’s beautiful! That’s a wheel I have wanted for years, only now I can’t spin on those any more. Love to see what you’ll spin on it. But what a shame you couldn’t go to Iceland and Norway.

  6. What a lovely wheel – some sort of compensation for being ill, perhaps, and now you can settle down to enjoy it.

    I’m waiting for a new wheel to arrive myself – nothing quite as beautiful as your Schacht, just a Louet Julia – but I share the excitement, ooo, the excitement…

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