And finally….

Some shots of Switzerland than didn’t really fit in at others times.

First, the hotel.  From the ‘terrace’ where we had tea most days.  Steve’s room is on the third level up at the back (by the flag):

And from the front, on the way down from the station:

As well as cake, we sometimes had ice cream, such as this one in the Piz Gloria restaurant on the top of the Schilthorn:

Now, a couple of typically Swiss happenings.  One day I heard different cow bells and went on to my balcony to see some cows being moved.  Along the road:

And then one day there was a wedding reception held at the hotel.  The guests were dressed in a mix of traditional and fashion (excuse geraniums from my window box!):

The bride and groom arrived by horse drawn carriage:

Remember those Choughs on the top of the Schilthorn?  They were out in force at the top of First the second time we went up, so Steve saved the end of his almond croissant to see if they would come…

…. one did!

On our way home, we met Anna in Starbucks at Zurich Airport.  As usual she brought me things to see.  This was a little shawl made with yarn she had spun and dyed herself.  The light behind is the Starbucks sign, NOT Anna’s halo!!

She also brought her dog to meet us.  He is a Boston Terrier called Max, and he was lovely – and very well behaved!!

Finally, as is proper, a sunset scene to end.  This was taken from my balcony one night, looking across the Lauterbrunnen valley:

2 thoughts on “And finally….

  1. I loved the2 trips that my husband and I took to Switzerland. I remember one occasion when the weather was cooler than expected and I knit us a little cap each to wear during boat trips on the lakes. A woman came down from the captain’s room and spoke to me in French, admiring my kmitting…but you were in the German part I think…

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