Mannlichen (and marmots!)

The Mannlichen range is the one behind Wengen.  There is a cable car up the sheer face from the village, and a gondolbahn up the other, more sloping, side from Grindelwald.  This gondolbahn only opened the last weekend in May, so, as this was perhaps my favourite trip, we waited for those dates before ascending the cable car, going down by the gondola and returning the same way.

The cable car goes from the centre of the village, and there are breath-taking views down into the Lauterbrunnen valley.

This is a double car, with one going down as the other goes up, passing half way:

Once on the top, you are near the end of the range.  The actual peak of the Mannlichen is 20 minutes walk away, at first rising fairly gently, but very steep towards the end.

Steve and Nige walked up, and I took a pic to prove they got to the top!

Meanwhile, I was taking pix of flowers.  There were loads of different kinds, some out, and some waiting for later.  This is one of the small gentians with an ordinary buttercup and an Alpine primula (which was a much more intense pink than the camera captured):

And here is a group of the small gentians – not sure of species – there are several – but pretty!!

Steve and Nigel returned…

… and after a coffee we went along the ridge to the gondolbahn.  This is looking over the piled snow into the Grindelwald valley, down into which the gondolas take you:

And here is one taken out of the window of the gondola, a four-seater:

You start the ride from the top in the snow, and go down through the high pastures to the tree line, through the trees and out on to the lower pastures:

Nige LOVED the way the car rocked as we went over pylons and through the middle station:

We did the gondolbahn again yesterday, this time from Grindelwald up and down again.  And this time we were luck and saw Alpine marmots.  These huge rodents – bigger than a large cat – live in the high pastures, hibernating under the snow in winter.  They are tricky to see, and even trickier to catch on ‘film’ through the windows of a moving gondola.

Here is the full frame,…

with an arrow pointing to this:

This is probably two young males sparring.  We saw several others – looking, sparring, running – they are fascinating creatures!

3 thoughts on “Mannlichen (and marmots!)

    1. Will do. We leave Switzerland on Thursday and I am due to arrive on Flotta on Monday. Haven’t seen any yeti fleece – or any other fibre for that matter. Milk and meat sheep, and even some which look as if they had nice fleece, but no sign of a yarn shop…

  1. I’ve only once see a marmot in the wild in switzerland, it appeared to be running away from our motorcycle at the time 🙂 loving the photos x

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