With a superb forecast yesterday, we decided to do the Shilthorn.  This is a cable way in 4 stages up from the bottom of the Lauterbrunnen valley, 1,000 feet straight up the side of the gorge, to Gimmelwald, then on to Murren, before going right up to Birg and finally to the top of Piz Gloria, the highest point of the Schilthorn.

The train down from Wengen to Lauterbrunnen affords views up the valley to Stechelberg, the start of the cable way on the valley floor.  It is impossible to give a real idea of scale, though, as the valley is narrow and the sides sheer:

From the station at Lauterbrunnen, a Post Bus takes you to Stechelberg and the first cable car.  This goes almost straight up the wall of the gorge:

The next two stages give ‘typical’ cable way views up to Murren and then on to Brig.  But the final stage from Brig, itself a small peak in the range, up to the top gives incredible views over rocks and snow, for part of the way over the very top of the ridge:

Once at the top, there is a terrace where you can see all round, for miles.

There was amusement closer to as well.  A couple of Alpine Choughs were very tame, and were taking sultanas from the hands of a couple of Australians.  They gave some sultanas to Nigel.  He wasn’t too sure at first, but thought it hilarious when the bird came and grabbed the sultana from his hand!

After all the excitement, we had to have a coffee and cake!  The restaurant revolves and we were able to sit at the window and watch the mountains go by as we eat..

On the way down, we stopped off at each station for a look round.  In Murren Steve and Nige went off to see when one of the funiculars was opening, while I took pix.  This is the Bernese flag with the Eiger:

Then down to Gimmelwald, where Steve spotted another cafe.  It was very hot by this time, so we decided to stop.  The building rang bells for me, and talking to the girl that served us confirmed that this was the place where a friend and I has spent several nights about 40 years ago when hiking round Switzerland!  It hasn’t changed much on the outside…

In the valley, Steve left us to see the Trummelbach Falls.  These are inside the mountain, and neither Nigel nor I were capable of the walk over very uneven ground.  Nige was very tired by now, so he and I continued back to the hotel.  At Lauterbrunnen Station, they had put out the flags for us…!


5 thoughts on “Schilthorn

  1. Lovely, lovely, lovely pictures. One can almost smell the air and feel the crispness. And taste the dessert. 😀 Thank you so much for sharing!

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