First (the mountain)

As you know, I love railways!  So a bit of mist was not going to stop us travelling.  (Actually, the net is very useful – weather reports and web cams showed us that the mist was local and transient.)

We set off for First, a range the other side of Grindlewald, in very murky conditions.  But that had a beauty of its own:

And further up towards Kleine Sheidegg we found less mist and new snow:

Then it was down into the Grindlewald valley and a walk through the town to the First gondolbahn.  When I first went up First it was a chair lift, taking 2 people per wooden chair with no protection from the weather.  Now it is 6 seater gondolas.

It was Nigel’s first gondola, and as they do not stop for you to get in and out, we had the process well organised.  I got in, then I pulled and Steve pushed Nigel in, then Steve got in.  It worked perfectly and Nige thought it very funny!

The top was still in snow:

But the restaurant was open and as it was lunchtime by then,  we spent a very pleasant time eating very good food!

Coming back down, Nigel was ready for the entry into the gondola!  He loved the rocking movement, and spent most of the time actively looking out of the window:

The journey has 4 stages, and at each staging post the gondolas change direction, being ‘shunted’ through the sheds, which Nige thought very funny!

On the trip down the mist had cleared, and we were able to get the long views down into the Grindlewald valley and over to Kleine Sheidegg:

And because of the overnight rain and snow, the water falls off the First ridge were spectacular:

Lower down in the valley, where the snow had been clear for several weeks, the cows (and sheep and goats) were all out munching on the very green grass!

Later in the evening, with the sun going down, the Jungfrau range looked spectacular from my hotel balcony:

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