Murren and Kleine Sheidegg

It has been a busy weekend!  At this time of year the weather here in Wengen can do anything, so while the sun shines you travel!

Our first trip was down into the valley to Lauterbrunnen by train, then up the cable car from opposite the train station.  This takes you up the almost vertical valley wall to Grutschalp in about 5 minutes.  This was Nigel’s first cable car, and he thought it was very funny as we rocked over the pylons.

Then it is straight out of the cable car and in to a train that goes along the side of the mountain to Murren, a ride of about 20 minutes.

Last time I was here there was 12″ of fresh snow in the square by the Murren station.  This time there wasn’t a sight of snow.  Steve and Nige walked through the village to see the cable cars that go on up to the Schilthorn while I stayed and watched the Swiss at play and took photos of mountains.  Many people like to go up in to the mountains for a long walk on a Saturday, often taking their dogs with them.

We came back the same way, stopping off at Grutschalp to have an ice cream and to look across the valley to Wengen on a ledge the other side.  I have ringed our hotel…

Lauterbrunnen station is usually busy, with trains coming and going both down the valley to Interlaken and up to Wengen and beyond.

As the Wengen train leaves the station, it curves round over the river, giving an iconic Swiss view past dairy cows to the Jungfrau massif.

Here is the hotel , taken as we retuned:

And this is what we tend to sit down to in the late afternoon…

Then on Sunday we went up to Kleine Sheidegg.  This is a high col at the foot of the Eiger, where the train on up to the Jungfraujoch starts.

I love this place.  You look one way and  you are looking down into the Lauterbrunnen valley and across to Murren.  Turn 90 degrees and you are looking at the Mannlichen range.  Another 90 degrees and it is the Grindlewald valley, and a final 90 degrees shows you the Eiger, Monch and Jungfrau.

From there, I took the train down to Grindlewald.  Last time I did this 16 months ago there was feet of snow everywhere.  Now there were the remains of drifts and snow in hollows about Kleine Sheidegg, but the rest was clear.  Green everywhere as you looked down;  white and blue as you looked up.  Once I got the the bottom, I came back again!

Meanwhile, Steve and Nige walked the 10 km down from the top back to Wengen.  Steve had the camera, and, being a botanist by training, it took pix of some of the alpine flowers which come out as soon as the snow melts.

The Alpine crocus (you can see them right at the egde of, and under, the snow:

The gentian (there are several varieties – this is a big one – we also saw the tiny star gentians)

An Alpine cowslip:

And to prove Nige was with him:


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