Two New Patterns … and some primroses

The last couple of weeks have flown by! Son Nick was over for a few days with is Border Collie, Bess, and I took the opportunity to take some pix of designs for the Orkney book sometime in the future:

Then it was back to the computer to finalise two patterns.

The first is The Summer Waves Top. I was wandering through ColourMart’s Ebay sets of lace weight and one caught my eye. Unusually, the whole design flashed before me on a oner:

The yarn is two strands of ColourMart merino lace weight, to make what they call 4 ply and what others call lace weight, 2 ply or 3 ply. It is knitted in the round to the arm holes so it is ideal for knitting stripes in bits of left over yarn.

The stitch pattern is an old Shetland one, called New Shell. It suits stripes so well as the rows zigzag in waves. I also made up one of the child sizes in a single colour:

This is a 50% silk 50% linen yarn, called 4ply by ColourMart. The colour is gorgeous!! I needed something to photograph it and other child pieces on, so I treated myself to some hangers:

The top comes in 15 sizes from a 24″ chest to a 74″ bust, and is available in my Ravelry and Etsy stores, and by hitting this button:

The other new pattern is the Sea-Going Shawl. It is knitted in either 6 ply sock yarn or 5 ply gansey yarn, and many DKs can also be used. I used Frangipani 5 ply for the pinky one and Regia 6 ply for the blue one:

The stitch patterns used here are all typical gansey patterns, making the shawl warm and stretchy. It too is available in my Etsy and Ravelry stores, and by hitting this button:

And finally. We have had a treat today. We were forecast gales, heavy cloud. and rain. We have got the odd cloud, but otherwise sun. OK, it is freezing, but who cares? The sun is out!! I took this on our walk:


One thought on “Two New Patterns … and some primroses

  1. Wow! The flowers are out already? I used some of that linen/silk in a vest for friend – the drape is beautiful!

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