The Exhibition Gansey

The gansey I have knitted for the exhibition in Norway is now dry and ready for off.

It is in North Ronaldsay aran weight yarn, grown and spun on the island.  The patterns are ones common to Orkney, a couple of which I have not seen anywhere else, and it uses both knit/purl patterns and stranded knitting.

The front:

The back:

The style is that of a typical Orkney gansey.  It has a zipped neck and is knitted in pieces.  The shoulder straps are knitted on to the fronts, so the grafting is on the back of the shoulders in the plain area.

The big stars are similar to those seen in Shetland and Scandinavia – they are often seen in Orkney too.  The design at the hem, knitted both in colourwork and in  knit/purl, is one found in Orkney.  It, like the 3 stitch spacer between the purl diamonds and the coloured stars, is found here in both versions.

Now I have to get it to Norway.  I was intending to send it by post, but Karin says it takes 10 to 14 days to get there.  I was reckoning about the same as to the States, but it is quite a bit longer!

Hopefully it will arrive in time for the first outing.  If not, it will be there for the rest!

20 thoughts on “The Exhibition Gansey

  1. Wow – that is fabulous. I love the Orkney link and will be queueing up if and when the pattern is available to buy

    Fingers crossed that it gets to Norway in time

  2. Congratulations, Liz, it is wonderful! I hope that one day I may get around to knitting something along these lines but my stranded work has always turned to smocking as I am a tugger….

    I am interested in the frame on which the gansey is mounted. Is this a blocking/drying frame? Are they available to buy?

    Perhaps you could take it to Norway yourself? Sounds like a good wheeze….

    1. Good wheeze – but I am going to Shetland…!!

      The frame is the J&S woolly board, available from their web site I think. I have 4 different ones – this is the least photogenic but the easiest to use by far!!


      1. Thanks, Liz

        I have checked out the J & S website and the boards look very useful. Thanks for the information.

        Best wishes

  3. Absolutely brilliant! What an amazing job you do Elizabeth! lol I don’t knit but I am simply appreciating the beauty of what you created. How long did it take you to create such a piece I wonder. Michele

    1. Hi Michele,

      It’s difficult to say how long – the designing takes as long as the knitting with a piece like this – deciding on possible stitch patterns, charting them from old photos or photos I’ve taken of old garments, doing the maths etc. The knitting was done over a couple of weeks.


  4. My goodness! Your garment is just fabulous! I just happened onto your blog while looking for websites that mention the Faroe Islands. I’ll be visiting your blog often, I’m sure.
    Kathe in Maine, USA

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