Goodbye to the Mountains!

I am home!   But just few more photos of my final days in Switzerland.

On Friday I was mainly pottering about, sorting stuff out, packing etc.  But it was a lovely day and I took time out to walk down to St Moritz Bad, the village on the lake, and then walk back along the shores of the lake, presently frozen and snow covered.  At one point there is the yacht club – it seemed totally wrong in winter – but it did have rather nice flags flying….!

The sun is the symbol of St Moritz…

Then back for cake…

Saturday was another beautiful day and my journey home started with the Albula Line, fantastic scenery and engineering….

Those who speak British English will understand the slight concern to be pulled by an engine with the name Buga in huge letters all over it…!!

Once over the pass it was down by circles and tunnels and bridges and galleries and viaducts.

There was still plenty of snow as the valley opened and split, but it was not long before we were getting beneath the snow.

There was still plenty of interest as the line goes along a very narrow, deep gorge for a while – again difficult to photograph from a moving train when trees keep getting in then way…!

My final view of the big snow caps was just before we came in to Chur station, where I changed trains for Zurich.  Now it was back on standard gauge – no more metre gauge!

Before I left Switzerland I had one more treat – Anna, who lives in Zurich came to meet me at the airport bringing with her lots of samples of what she has been spinning and also bits of her ‘new’ wheel which is on its way over from Canada…


5 thoughts on “Goodbye to the Mountains!

  1. Hello Liz

    Many thanks for all your “postcards” and wonderful descriptive narrative of your holiday!

    Every time I opened one of your posts, it felt like I was there too!

    Welcome home to Orkney though – a rather lovely place to return to…

    Carolyn in the Cotswolds

  2. What a great time you have had and you didn’t mention knitting! I enjoyed hreading your blog, thank you!

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