St Moritz

It is over 40 years since I have been in St Moritz.  I passed through the train station a few years ago but that doesn’t count!  Last time I was here we were camping, and I got my A level results….

It is a place everyone has heard of.  It somehow manages to be both fashionable and almost non-descript.  It is much smaller than people expect – it really is still a village.

My hotel, the Hotel Hauser, is right in the middle of the place.  All round are shops like Gucci, Cartier, Tom Ford, D&G, Chanel – even Church’s (English handmade shoes).  Plenty of quality bakeries and cafes, but no grocery shops or butchers.

I have a very nice room on the 4th floor overlooking the funicular up to Corviglia.  The first morning I opened my curtains to new snow – only a light fall, but it did make the trees look pretty!

The funicular runs up from just above the hotel, and I can see it from my window.  When I went up it was quite cloudy, and snowing in places.  That made for a lovely walk in the snow for me, but the photos aren’t too good!!

The hotel has a restaurant open to the public from early morning until late at night.  The first evening it was very busy, but  there was an area for hotel guests.  The food is again very good – but portions are large and I often cannot manage everything I am served.  They also have a bakery and Confiserie – ie cakes and chocolates!!  I can buy a slice of cake there and take it up to my room for lunch.  The cream cakes look fabulous – but always seem to end up with a fruit tart of some sort.  Yesterday it was blueberry and today blackberry.

Yesterday there was snow most of the day, with about 4 ins falling in the town and 6 or 8 ins further up the mountains.  The clouds had not all lifted this morning when I went down to the station to buy my tickets for tomorrow’s journey on the Bernina Express and to look across the frozen, snow-covered lake to St Moritz-Bad on the further shore.

There are long escalators down from the centre to the station and lake, and the walls of the building have been turned into a gallery, showing artwork in the form of posters.  This year the theme is giving old posters a new twist.  I have been up and down a couple of times now, and there are some very striking designs.

The walk way then goes outside, over the road to the edge of the lake. From the far end you can see back up to the village and to the funicular beyond:

And next time I will be able to tell you about my trip on the Bernina Express!

5 thoughts on “St Moritz

  1. Will you be going over to Tirano?? I visit my friend in the Valtellina Valley near Sondrio, lucky you, enjoy every minute. I saw the biggest icicles on the Berninan Express!

  2. I was in st Moritz last month and there were art prints all the way up the wall along the escalators in the rail station of little fairy-like children peeping out of flowers and plants-they were charming-can anyone please tell me who did these pictures ????? Thanks !!!

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