And to prove it, the Matterhorn taken yesterday afternoon:

I arrived in Switzerland on Saturday after what seemed like a very long journey!  I had travelled down from Orkney a week ago to spend a few days with my parents so the actual journey was from lunchtime Friday until supper time Saturday.  But early mornings and time changes take their toll.

I am staying at the Hotel Perren:

Hotel Perren (left) with the River Vispa (right) and the Matterhorn behind


Painting of the Hotel Perren from the same spot in 1905

My view is of mountains further along the chain:

I didn’t set my alarm yesterday morning but had a lazy start, a lazy breakfast and a lazy morning.  I DID work on my current project for Knit Now magazine, but that is about all.  By early afternoon I was feeling ready for a trip out, and wandered round the centre of the village a bit.  On my trip I found a very good bakery, Fuchs, and so my lunch was a fabulous black current tart.

I then decided to take the short funicular up to Sunnegga.  This only takes 5 minutes, and it is all inside the mountain.  You come out on a plateau to the west of Zermatt and roughly 1,000 feet above it.  This is skiing territory, and people of all ages were skiing and snow boarding.  One the best sights of the day was a tot of 2 or 3 gunning it down one of the faster tracks towing (it seamed) the parent, attached by eight foot reins.  A brilliant way to keep the small one from too much harm.

Views were stunning.  Blue, blue skies, with only the odd patch of cloud.

Later in the afternoon I went to the supermarket (Migros) to try to find the salted caramel chocolate and as I was walking I heard a loud rumble.  There was an avalanche starting in a gully high above the village.  I didn’t have my camera with me, but it was quite a sight, falling several thousand feet to the lower slopes not that far above the outskirts of Zermatt itself.  Fortunately it was not on a skiing area…

Food in the hotel is superb, and my room is large and comfy.  What more could one want?!



6 thoughts on “Zermatt!

  1. What a gift – to be able to experience an avalanche happening from a safe spot. THAT’s not something you’ll forget soon! (worth the price of the trip right there)

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