Progress Report!

I have finished spinning the braid given to me by my Secret Santa, the lovely Jean over on the UK Spinners group on Ravelry.

The two bobbins of singles looked like this….

….the finished skein like this….

….and in close up:

Seeing that I split the braid purely by eye, and spun it as it came with no thought of length, I was pleased to find I have about 4 metres of single left on one bobbin!

It will become a small shawl, but I am not sure when – I may end up being naughty and taking it away with me (I should be doing more pressing stuff) – we will see! It has turned out very much as I had expected – the colours are all there and the odd lengths of pure lime and pure pink give it a zing without overpowering the subtleties of the rest.

I have been working on the gansey for the exhibition, too. The back and front are done, and the arithmetic for the sleeves. This is one thing I will definitely NOT be taking away with me – far too heavy! But one good thing about aran weight yarn is that it knits up a lot quicker than 4 ply…!

On the home front, the winter continues to be odd. The weather is changing even more than usual, and we never know if we will wake up be ice everywhere or mild wet. And the wind is going from almost nothing to gale force or more in a couple of hours. In some ways the spring is here (which it shouldn’t be yet) and I am certain the sea birds are back early.

Over the winter I have add a pair of blackbirds in the garden, the male very distinctive as he has one white feather under one wing. Scottie lets them and the robin come very close as he is eating his bone – others get chased away but not these three. And I managed to get pix just now – through the kitchen window so the quality isn’t wonderful…


And lastly, a packet arrived by post this morning. It was all my tickets and documents for my trip to Switzerland later in the month. I now can believe I am really going!!


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