A Concert and a New Mag

It isn’t often that we get folk performing on the island. A couple of weeks ago we were treated to an evening with Ivan Drever, a singer/songwriter with a long association with Orkney and the most beautiful voice…

Now, I have been acquainted with Ivan’s work for many years, even before I came to Orkney. Amongst other things, he was in the band Wolfstone in the 1990s, and he has worked with a variety of musicians over the years in the US and Europe. An Orcadian by birth and upbringing, his songs often reference the life and times on the islands. Many more details on his website here.

On this occasion he was singing alone, with his wife Linda working as tech assistance etc. I already had several of his CDs, and so knew a good deal of what he sang. However, I hadn’t got the new CD, and those songs were new to me, as were a couple of the instrumental numbers. (He really is a beautiful guitarist..)

In addition to his own material he sang a couple of well known songs, one of John Pride’s and one of Tom Paxton’s. I videoed a couple of pieces and you can see them below. This was just with my fag-packet camera on my knee so the quality is not perfect, but it gives and idea of what went on that evening in the Community Room on Flotta! I have left his comments in to give you a flavour of the gig!

Here is Ivan supported by the community of Flotta singing Tom Paxton’s Last Thing on my Mind…

And here is Ivan singing Give Me Your Sweet Heart from the new CD…

I think we all appreciated him coming over in the foul weather to sing to just a handful of folk (albeit a very high percentage of the island population!). And he sounded as good live as he does on CD (which isn’t always the case…).

Meanwhile, on the knitting front I have been just a tad busy. Unfortunately most of the stuff can’t be talked about now. (This is a major problem when working for mags etc – by the time the pattern comes out you have forgotten knitting the items…!) But one pattern is now out in Issue 3 of the new UK mag Knit Now. This mag is only doing accessories – small projects for people and the home – scarves, hats and mitts of all sorts, baby things, toys, bags etc. All things which don’t take too long to knit.

My pattern is a matching beret and fingerless mitts which can both be made from one big ball of sock yarn. I used one 150 g ball Zauberball Starke 6 which I bought on Papay in the summer. This has long colour changes and I called the set Vantit, an old Orkney word meaning something spun using changing colours of wool (or dyed badly, but we won’t mention that!!). My copy of the mag has been held up in the post, but the photos can be found here, and below.


8 thoughts on “A Concert and a New Mag

  1. Thanks for the introduction to Ivan Drever’s music! I love your hat and fingerless mitts, and hope the post brings you your copy of the magazine soon. I hope you have a good winter in your new place.

  2. Perfect yarn for the hat and mitts. Let’s translate vantit as “properly dyed” – those long color segments are beautiful.

  3. I love Ivan Drever’s stuff – I came across him on my first visit to Orkney, back in the mid-eighties when I came up for the Earl’s Bu dig. I picked up a couple of CDs when I was up last to. What a lovely evening you had!

    1. Yes it was a lovely evening. I had to leave straight after the concert bit, and Ivan was outside having a fag, so I got to say thank you in person. A nice man.

      Have you come across his son Kris? He is equally talented both as a writer and a singer/musician… He had won awards as they say. Liz

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