The Flotta Christmas Tree

Every year there is a Christmas tree on the island, situated just outside my door! The lighting was to be on 3rd December so during last week the tree was brought over to the island and made ready.

The first stage was to get it upright and make sure it stays upright. There is a hole in the grass to drop the trunk in to, and 4 strong ropes are attached to the truck about half way up to anchor it to the ground in Winds. The pegs for these ropes are hammered about 18″ into the ground.

Later in the day, the cherry picker arrived to get the lights on. The wind wasn’t kind to them, and the job wasn’t as easy as it sounds. But they made a good job of it, being careful to have lights all over the tree, not in one section only.

The weather was so bad on Saturday folk weren’t sure whether the ceremony could happen. But by 7 pm the rain and hail had stopped and the wind dropped enough for us to be able to stand and sing Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer before Jo flicked the switch.

Usually carols are sung round the tree, but as the rain returned it was decided to have those round the tree in the Community room instead!!

And, just for fun, a pic I took in my garden yesterday. This is what we call a robin in the UK (Erithacus rubecula), and is the bird most associated with Christmas. The males have the very red breast. They are friendly to humans, and vicious to each other, fighting to the death over territory and females.  This one owns my garden.


7 thoughts on “The Flotta Christmas Tree

  1. Love your little robin! It’s nice that you can see the community Christmas tree from your house. Is the community center far from you? I hope not since you had to go in that weather. I love reading your blog! I haven’t been to Scotland in years and never to the islands. I’m certainly going to have to make that trip.

  2. We have a bird called a Robin with a red breast here in Canada but it’s not the same bird. Ours are bigger and not so cute.

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