Grey days and grey seals

Thankfully the gales have subsided and we are back to the standard Orkney weather.  They say that if you don’t like what you have now, wait 10 minutes and it will change!

One thing about the ‘sunshine and showers’ we get all year is the number of rainbows.  At this time of year, with the sun getting lower in the sky, the light is just wonderful.  This is taken from my front door:

Most days Scottie and I get a dry bit of the day to walk down to the shore.  When I was here before I had a large grey seal who would come to my call, and recently another has been doing the same – not every day, but as time goes by he comes more often and comes closer.  A couple of days ago I had my camera in my pocket:

Is he the same animal who came 8 years ago?  I don’t know.  My pictures were lost in the flood so I can’t compare markings.  But the markings on his neck tell me that it is the same animal I am seeing several times a week…

A couple of days ago one of my neighbours, Diana, came to tell me there was a seal pup on one of the beaches and she thought it might be dying.  She took me over to see it.

As we watched, it appeared to get stronger not weaker, and internet research when we got back  tended to confirm my feeling that it was a very newly born pup.  You can’t see it in the photos, but blood was still oozing from the umbilical cord.  (And no, we didn’t go too close or touch it!  There were seals out in the bay watching and almost certainly one of those was mum.)

That was Saturday, and after church on Sunday I thought I could see it a bit further up the bay.  Diana drove along the road and we saw that it was there and was moving – looking stronger than ever.  From that position we could see what looked like other pups at intervals along the edge of the bay, some in the seaweed and some just on the grass.

Today the weather is lovely, if a bit nippy, and Scottie and I wandered down to Pan Hope.  He likes the still water….

… and I love the light at this time of year.


8 thoughts on “Grey days and grey seals

  1. Well I learned two new things here: Liz is a seal whisperer, and some seals are born in November. I always thought it was only a spring thing (however early in spring that might be).

    1. We have 2 species here, the Atlanitc Greys (usually just called greys) and the Common (which is the rarer of the two). The common pups in June and the greys October/November time.

      Here the two species often form mixed groups, but haul outs have one type only.

      There was a different seal down in Pan Hope when I was there yesterday, but it didn’t come close.

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