Finally Home!!

I have been home for a week.  Shetland seems like years ago…  I know it was real because this morning a very large box arrived which I know from the slight aroma is full of fleece…

I had hoped to be able to crash when I got back but other things got in the way.  All sorts if bits needed doing, and then my car packed up again.  That was last Thursday and it hasn’t gone since.  Friday I had to go in to town for an optician’s appointment, but very kind neighbours took me to the pier and brought me back.  Folk are like that on Flotta.

Life hasn’t been made any easier by the weather.  Five days now of gale force winds battering the place, whistling round the house, keeping you awake.  It is about this stage when you start getting cabin fever and want to be able to get OUT without the danger of being blown over…

Knowing I would be tired when I got back I had a nice easy knitting project designed and cast on.  A sort of waistcoat made from some of the Sirri Faroese wool I got in Torshavn. For several days it was round-and-round-easy but then I got to the armholes and that was where the problems started.  Faults with the design, and lots of ripping!  You can do the maths and swatches as many times as you like, and with bog standard shapes they will work, but this is slightly different and the maths didn’t work out!  However, I have ripped, re-knitted, re-ripped a few rows, and am now sure of the way I am going.  I think!

Meanwhile, I am working away steadily at various bits on the computer.  I have a couple of patterns nearly ready for publishing (once they have their final proof read) and I am getting along with the design for the KAL for my Ravelry group.  I had a phone call from a friend on Sunday and as a result have ordered the yarn for another Robe of Glory blanket for her newest grandchild.  And yesterday I received 2 cones of black Frangipani for a gansey for the Orkney book.

It is going to be a busy winter…

8 thoughts on “Finally Home!!

  1. You HAVE been busy! I really enjoyed the pictorial tour of Shetland & kept checking back for more. But, there’s no place like home with nice yarn & a good audio book either. Sounds like the weather’s gonna keep you in that chair with your needles clacking . . . Oh, by the way, how bout a gansey for those of us shaped like watermelons. Something with a yoke, a-line for belly/hips & a front closure. I’ll even test knit it in a size 60 or so . . . .

  2. And here we are heading into the “what do I knit when it is too hot to knit” and “I have cabin fever because it is too hot to be outside” season!

  3. What interesting report you wrote. I loved the pics and the comments. I wish I would visit your country some day… it looks so different from mine, particularly because I live in a subtropical region 😉

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