A Flotta weekend

Islands tend to work to their own timetable, so when sorting a night for the textile evening class Saturday was the preferred option.  There are no evening boats, so people on the island don’t go out on a Saturday night.  It also means that the kids who are weekly boarders at Kirkwall Grammar can come.

Saturday night was the last of the first four classes.  These classes have been ‘sponsored’ by the Scapa Flow Landscape Partnership, and the proper title is something like Traditional Textiles.  Basically we are doing the fibry things that folk want to do!

The first four have been based on knitting socks.  The first week we dyed yarn and started on a small practice pouch so that folk had a chance to try circs and dpns, and I had a chance to gauge their tension.  The second week we started the leg, the third was heels and the fourth was toes.  Everyone has been working at their own pace, and some have made fingerless mitts as well as socks.

Here are some FOs and almost FOs as of Saturday:

And a close up of socks by Julie (left) from her own dyed yarn and Jean (with thanks to Erin inside the socks)

And Marina has also been working away at squares for the blanket for the Heritage Centre:

Not everyone has been able to come to every session, but each time we have had a good laugh as well as getting a lot done…

Then on Sunday we had a big turn out at church, as a prospective minister was ‘preaching with a view’.  Every church has a different way of doing this, but the poor woman had been over in Longhope in the morning, us in the afternoon and then Orphir, on the Mainland in the evening.  As ever on these occasions, Phyllis produced a wonderful array of cakes and we had tea in the church after the service.

So today I have been getting ready to go to the Faro Islands on Wednesday.  And getting ready for GanseyFest after that.  And cooking for the NIFA trip after that.  The place is littered with ‘things’ in piles all over the bedroom and main room.  And in the chaos, what have I done this evening?  I have dressed a shawl….


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