Beautiful Batts, Difficult Decisions…

Early in the week I received three batts I had bought off Etsy from Carol McFadden of Feistywoman Designs.  They are each a bit over an ounce in weight and are made up of roughly 94% merino, 1% Firestar – and 5% Siberian Husky!!

They looked good on screen and are just as good in the flesh.  A fabulous, slightly acid green, very pale blue, and a bright turquoise – the colourway called Ocean.

When the wrapper is taken off and the batt unrolled to about 8 x 12 ins, it looks like this:

And when that is unfolded the final batt is about 8 ins wide and 24 ins or so long:

My problem is exactly what to do with it.   It isn’t that I don’t know how to handle it – that is no problem (and even if I didn’t, Carol includes a sheets giving clear instructions for three ways to spin it) – it is which do I NOT do…  So many possibilities.

I know I want to make a hat – I have some other yarn in very similar colours for a snoody thing – but I cannot make up my mind how I want to spin this…

The possibilities are endless.  I could spin it thick, fairly lightly, knit it up and then felt it.  I could spin it even or slubby or somewhere in between.  I could spin it chunky or aran or DK weight.  I could spin long colour lengths or short or random.  I could spin on two bobbins of different thicknesses or I could Navajo ply.

And even when I have got that sorted in my mind I have to decide which wheel to use…  I only have 4 in the house at present as 2 are out on loan, but I could use any or all of them (well, 2 or 3…)

Fortunately I have a lot of knitting and preparation work I have got to do asap, so I couldn’t get started even if I knew what I wanted to spin.  I live in hope that by the time I have the time I will have made the decisions…!!


3 thoughts on “Beautiful Batts, Difficult Decisions…

  1. Yes, there are just WAY too many choices in something delicious like that. It’s good to be able to look at and feel the fiber and then do something else while considering. Me, I have some plain-vanilla spinning to do: a group project for a friend recovering from an injury, and I am making the yarn that will be used to assemble and finish it. So it is all white, prepared top, generic-fine-wool, and the only interesting thing is that the project is mostly crochet, so I will be spinning Z and plying S. Thank you for interjecting some color into my project, at least photographically!

  2. Oohh very nice! I am not a spinner – I barely get enough time to knit – but I can see how it might look spun in the ways you mention. I can see it felted too – which might be very reminiscent of parts of your part of the world!

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