Bored, blocked or busy??

I have just realised it is a month since I last wrote.  And I am not sure why!

I have been busy, and nothing earth-shattering has happened, but that is nothing new.   So may be I have had writers’ block?  The problem with writing a blog, as opposed to an article, is that one doesn’t have a deadline or an editor emailing for copy..

Most of the knitting I have been doing is stuff to be unveiled at GanseyFest the first weekend in October.  I have finished the Dolphin Tunic – the name being a dead giveaway to part of the design!  I must say I am pleased with the result.  The pattern is written and the sizes sorted and is awaiting a decent day for photography.

Which brings me to the weather.  I know some of you have been sweltering under abnormal heat, but we have been doing the opposite.  We have had bitter Northerly winds and week after week of grey skies.  In all my time time up here I have not know so many weeks without seeing the sun.  We may have three seasons in a day and the sun may not be warm, but the skies usually show blue at some point most days.  To have a whole week without seeing the sun is unusual ,and to have week after week of grey is downright depressing!

It was the County Show last Saturday, and it is said up here that after the Show weekend the weather turns.  And it is amazing how often this turns out to be the case.  This week so far has proved the old saying right – only this year it has gone from autumn to summer, not the other way round!!  Granted, it is only a week, and granted it hasn’t been that warm, but we have had SUN!

The work and weather were getting to me so I decided it was time to visit the remaining island Heritage Centres  that I hadn’t yet been to before finalising the designs for the Orkney book.  So last Saturday I went over to Rousay with Steve and Nigel to visit the centre there.  It was a lovely display, well set out, but there was nothing of fibre interest.  No knitwear are any photos but one, and that was just a dark blur!

This week I have had two nights on Eday.  It was the first time I had visited the island, and I must go back to see it properly.  Walking from the Heritage Centre down the ‘main’ road, being inspected at close quarters by two different Bonxies and a Short Eared Owl, with glorious heather on each side leading to sandy beaches told me I needed more!  But this time I was there to work in the Heritage Centre.  The building used to be the Baptist Church, and it has been beautifully restored making it warm and light.  There were a couple of comfy sofas and plenty of albums of useful info.  I didn’t find anything totally new, butI found more evidence of things found on other islands, showing the some of the innovative patterns found elsewhere were not one-offs, bought in or the work of a single knitter, but were known throughout the islands.

While I was on Eday I stayed with Colin ad Sherry at  Sui Generis.  Colin is a worker in wood, glass and all sorts of other things, as well as a painter, and the place was like no other!  The rooms were not only very comfortable but packed full of interesting detail.  If you like totally impersonal white boxes, this is not for you, but if individuality and craftsmanship are your thing the place is perfect.  The food was also lovely – most of it from the garden – and simply prepared and cooked by Sherry.  Both Sherry and Colin were fascinating to talk to and I thoroughly enjoyed my time there.


One thought on “Bored, blocked or busy??

  1. I would truly love all the quaint and interesting places you stay. And as for the writing, keep it coming, don’t for a second think nobody notices ! Here I live in California. We’re having an unusually cool summer, haven’t had to have the air conditioner on hardly at all ! Hot and dry dry, always blue skies gets really boring, and you can’t imagine how I would feel refreshed to trade a summer with you. 🙂 In fact, it is usually this time of year when I really start googling images of Scottish Isles and Ireland, just to put as a desktop background on my computer. Lush verdant landscapes are so appealing to me.

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