Welcome to NIFA June!

I’m taking time off while Anita and Jane are dyeing…!

Everyone arrived on time and in one piece.  Well, early actually – for the first time in its life the ferry was early, and I had to break the speed limit to get to the pier on time – not helped by the fact that cows were being moved.   But seals were there…

After supper we took the dogs for a walk down to the beach, and spent time finding limpet shells and bits of pottery.

As we were wandering about, Tricia (who had her binoculars with her) shouted Seal!  So we all started whistling and low and behold it came nearer.  I’m still not sure whether we were watching it or it was watching us…

The weather has been iffy all day, but just as we were about to head home, the sun came out. The is was about 9.30 pm.

This morning we started bright and early with dyeing yarn, fleece, silk hankies and a variety of tops.  I am letting them get on with it…


One thought on “Welcome to NIFA June!

  1. What interesting work! I absolutely love to read your posts, here in blistering Texas, about the weather and the proximity of sea, ships, and seabirds. Your pics of the tall ships were delightful, and they gave me the opportunity to share with my grandson the fact that there still are big sailing ships on the water. Thank you for all your information on fibers and knitting and for all your lovely pictures of the northern realms. They make me feel a little cooler. We are approaching 100 days of over 100 degree weather this summer. I’m glad you are there.

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