Some timely advise for computer users and those in areas of hurricane risk….

Many thanks to Roxanne, a Scottie-owning friend of mine for these…

First, after the Ravelry scare this is timely advice….

Given the current climate re: concerns for computer and data security, I suggest you take this message seriously. This is for your own safety and  security!

If your workplace has been assessed and determined to be at a low level of  risk, the following method is recommended to ensure no one can see your  passwords or what you’re typing:

For a moderate level of risk, this method ensures no one can see your  passwords, what you’re typing, or which website you’re visiting…..

For a high level of risk, this method ensures ultimate security:

Be safe out there people!

PS Anyone who can knit, here is new business opportunity!

And now for those in areas prone to flooding or other weather-related risk.  This email was sent to the customers of the  Coordinated Colors Yarn Shoppe,  4909 George Washington Hwy,  Yorktown, VA 23692

Hurricane season is upon us and to help out we have put together a list of emergency supplies all knitters and crocheters will need to keep on hand.

1- A brightly colored, water proof beach bag for use as a tote to carry everything in.  Make sure this bag is marked: In Case of fire–Save this First!

2- Batteries and a portable light to read patterns by.  Caution: Use only non rechargeable batteries.  Rechargeables will NOT recharge in the event of a power failure.

3- One white pillow case and one dark pillow case.  These are to be held on your lap under the opposite colored yarn to make seeing stitches easier. Some of us may forget our readers.

4- Project Yarn!  Natural fibers should be fire retardant.  We recommend enough yarn for 3 projects.  One larger project and two smaller.  Boredom can set in if not enough projects are on hand.  More IS better.

5- Scissors (2 pair).  This will ensure that one is not borrowed when you need to have one handy.

6- Your favorite beverage.  Please drink responsibly!

7- Chocolate. M and M’s candy shell prevents a mess in the heat

8- Phone number journal including the number of the nearest yarn shop that has electricity.  HINT: It would be wise to become close friends with the owners of this  establishment in case your home is without power.

9- A bottle of wine to take with you to the above mentioned yarn shop.

10. Pattern/sheet protectors–keeps all your patterns dry even in the rain.

11. A full set of knitting needles and/or crochet hooks!  This is extremely important in case you come across a new yarn you MUST have or another person who didn’t pack an emergency kit BEFORE the hurricane hit.  It would be wise to have this as a completely EXTRA set just in case the items you lend are not returned.

12- a Good sense of humor will be a welcome relief to you and those around you in times of troubles and when you accidentally knock all of your stitches off the needle they were suppose to be on!


11 thoughts on “Some timely advise for computer users and those in areas of hurricane risk….

  1. More sage advice has never been given. I will start on my kit right away. But since we live in the land of earthquakes and volcanic eruptions, does it need to be modified?

  2. Thanks for the early morning laugh, Liz. No joke, but my Polson wheel went to the basement first the day we were under a serious tornado watch!

  3. Ho ho ho — you are just responsible for me spluttering coffee on my keyboard! I need some sort of adaptation to image no. 3, clearly…

  4. This is fun, but there is a truth behind it. I just made myself a note last week to be sure to put a knitting kit in my survival box. And I have been wondering if there is not a way to send excess yarn and needles to shelters, for those who were not able to take their own supplies when they evacuated.

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