Sunday morning walk

Summer has come to Flotta – well 3 days so far, and we can’t complain.  Scottie and I have just been out for our morning walk.

We were both in town on Friday getting our hair cut, so let’s start with the before pic of Scottie lying in the sun in the garden:

and now this morning on our walk:

There were new animals to see this morning.  The field to the left of the track to the beach has been empty all winter, but today it has cows.  Or rather, bullocks. As ever they were very inquisitive and it is a matter of faith and experience that the ‘Orkney gate’ will hold them back!!

I have been waiting for a while to get pix of seals near the pier.  They winter in other areas of the Flow, and on the Golta Peninsular across the bay, but in summer they come round the pier and into Pan Hope, the beach we go to each day.  They had been singing across the bay of a few days, so this morning we decided to nip down to the pier just to see what was there.  Seals were hauled out on the old pier, making the most of the hot concrete and the sea breeze.  Later there will be more, and closer to the new pier, but it is a start.

As well as seals, there were a group of Eider, mainly ducks with one drake.  These are the birds whose down named the bedcovering in the UK – the eiderdown….

Just by the pier is the entrance to the oil terminal, where oil is stored before being taken off by tankers.  Talisman, the company who runs it, is good to the community, and I couldn’t help but take this shot:


9 thoughts on “Sunday morning walk

  1. Scottie looks even more handsome than when I saw him all those years ago – wish I aged as well!
    Wish I could have come to Orkney again this year but life gets in the way. Glad summer has finally reached you we have had rain for the first time in 9 weeks down here in SW France so it is cooler now.

  2. Hello, Liz, I have just begun to follow your blog, and adore not only your lifestyle of Norherliness and your countryside, but how about your doggie ! I am a dog mom myself, and Fair Isle knitter, writer, walker. I will be seeing you around ! This time of year especially, when your cool and moist climate beckons me, while here in Northern California all goes dry and hot, hot, hot for months and months.

    1. Hi Jen and welcome!

      Scottie thanks you for your kind words. He very much likes his life on Flotta, although I do not feed him enough. When he came to me, he was wider than he was long…!

      We could do with a not of that heat here… It has gone back to cold…


  3. hello liz

    Nice hair cut the dog got, and hope your weather continues our weather has been hot but today a cool old exiting to get pics of seals.

    thx gina
    (written by my 8yr old granddaughter, Raven. She so enjoys your blog. 🙂 )

  4. Hello again, October 19th 2011

    Hello i was just wondering how u r doing? I’m 1 year older i’m now 9 last time i talked to you i was 8. My B-Day was July 29th2011. Its just i did’nt have the time to get on your blog .Sorry. I’ve just been looking at your old one’s for now and eventually i will read your new ones. Its just you have so many good ones its hard to read every last word but i try. I would like to be updated in everything. I still hope that you enjoy your days knitting and all the other fun stuff. I am starting to knit so if i am able i could send you some pics:)

    Thank-You Raven:)

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