The Flotta 10k

Every year there is a 10k race on Flotta.  For those of you who, like me, haven’t a clue what this is, it is a 10 kilometre (ie just under 6 mile) road race.  To ‘count’ it all has to be done on roads and tracks, not on grass.

This type of running is popular in Orkney, and there were about 50 competitors this year.  To get the finishing line outside the community hall, they have to walk down the road before the official start.  They then run back past the hall round West Hill and the ‘square’ (a series of roads down to the kirk and back) finishing immediately outside the hall.

While the runners are away, the hangers-on stay at the hall, and the Flotta folk always put on a show of things to look at and stalls to buy from.  This year I has a stall with my jewellery and cards etc, so I was there on Saturday evening setting up.  The Heritage Trust always has a display, and this year they did a ‘Then and Now’ display, including things like an ancient TV, an even older phone, and a very old gramophone with its 78 rpm discs.  This actually worked, and some folk spent time on their hands and knees changing the needles and listening to the discs.

Sunday morning did NOT dawn bright and clear. It was cold and there was rain in the air. But the runners set off happily enough, with a big gap between first and last opening up right from the start.

The first five runners home had battled hard all the way round, and all five broke the record for the event.

While the runners were out, a good proportion of the local population came over to the hall to look round, buy raffle tickets, tray bakes etc etc.  Once back at the hall, the runners got a chance to shower before lunch was provided by a local company.  The food was (as ever) excellent, and seemed to be enjoyed by all!

Despite leaving for Shetland immediately after the event, I had a stall. I had mainly my cards and jewellery – I didn’t bother with yarn this time.  I did pretty well, and as well as selling stuff I also took some orders, so I will have a good excuse to play with beads and charms when I get home next week.

Sunday night I took the ferry up to Shetland for a week. But that is for another day….


2 thoughts on “The Flotta 10k

  1. Hello Liz – that 10K looks like a lot of fun. Back when we lived in Bangladesh, the P.E. people at the International School were big on running and we had numerous 10K events. It was HOT. I tended to be the oldest participant at age 42. 10K=6.2miles. I remember them well.

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