The Ahhh Factor

Everyone is showing pix of lambs at present.  We have them here, but I thought you might like to see some of the other livestock on the island at present.

I went up to Stanger Head a couple of days ago to see if the puffins were back.  Either they are not, or it was too early in the evening.  (They spend the days at sea coming back to their burrows at night.)  There were lots of fulmars in pairs on their ledges, and the pirates of the cliffs, the bonxies, or Great Skuas, are back patrolling the cliffs.  But not a sight of a puffin.

Scottie loves these walks.  Lots of clumps of long, coarse grass to roll in:

Coming back we passed the field with the Highland cows in it.  And two very young calves.  It was a beautiful, sunny day and the calves were lying sleepily while their mothers munched on the silage Martin puts in for them.

When I got out of the car, the calves looked at me for a bit before deciding they probably ought to go to their mothers.  Highland cows are very protective mothers, but they have seen me many times before, and I keep my distance, keeping across the road from the fence.  It was a very peaceful scene with loads and loads of the Ahh Factor:


11 thoughts on “The Ahhh Factor

    1. Scottie is a very happy dog – loves simple pleasures, like rolling in coars grass.. or seaweed… or dried mud!! He loves the Head as there are also Rabbits – he knows he can’t catch them, so he doesn’t have to try… Lazy is a good word for him…!!


    1. Yes, we do – but often just for part of the day. And often in winter. The weather changes constantly, and we often get a clear blue sky with very cold tenps, with or without wind.

      And after 2 or 3 days of sun in summer, if any wind is from the South or East, we then get a se ha rolling in off the North Sea…!!


  1. Do the Highland calves bounce around like the beef calves we have here (Colorado)? They are almost as much fun to watch as the lambs. There’s just something about silly baby animals.

    1. Yes, they do! But not quite as much as the lambs. Yesterday a neighbouring farmer let his young stock out for the summer – they career round jumping and being generally silly – great fun to watch!! They have calmed down now, but they are still gazing in a group rather than spreading out – they have been used to feeding together in the byre. But they will gradually spread… Liz

  2. Lovely pix Liz!
    What gorgeous wee beasties! But looking at them makes me crave for McCowan’s Highland Toffee!!!
    See you soon.

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