The Castlehill Gansey Day

We had a really good day over in Caithness yesterday. The day had been arranged by the Moray Firth Gansey Project and was aimed at those who knew the basic story of ganseys and how to knit them. I talked about the ganseys of the Northern Isles, showing how they were different from those further South, and about the ganseys the herring gutter girls knit for themselves.

After a lovely lunch we then turned to the things to consider when designing a gansey for yourself. Several folk were already part way down the road so their was much muttering and arithmetic!!

There was a bit of time between the end of the workshop and my ferry, and the lovely Carol, who was to take me to Gills Bay, gave me a wonderful mini tour of the area. Having been inside all day it was lovely to stand on the top of Dunnet Head in glorious sun and no wind.

Now I am back in Orkney, staying with Steve, and the sun is still shining! Orkney does daffs very well, and Steve’s garden is no exception. There are naturalised clumps of different types indifferent parts of the garden, under the bushes as well as in the banks of the stream. There are also clumps of polyanthus, and lots of lovely willow catkins.

Perhaps spring is on the way after all…!

4 thoughts on “The Castlehill Gansey Day

  1. sounds like a great day. I love that spring is here at last. Here in the English midlands its all tumbled together.. bluebells, fruit blossom, primroses, camellias, hellebores, all flowering together. Colour combinations all over the place. Exciting and perplexing.

  2. Oh lovely and that project is marvellous. We had traditional ganseys as children – made by my grandmother with patterns from the Caithness area. They wore like iron and were passed through me to my three siblings and two cousins. I wish I had pictures.

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