March NIFA

Anna is here and we are working!  This isn’t really a NIFA as such, but Anna had the week free and wanted to come over to improve her spinning.

And one starts by dyeing one’s fibre, doesn’t one??  The first morning was therefore spent space dyeing silk hankies and Shetland tops.  Oh, and some merino/silk tops:

In the afternoon it was time to get out the wheels.  We first went over each wheel in turn getting it in perfect shape, tightening screws, oiling bits and generally making sure that if anything went wrong it was not the fault of the wheel!  Then Anna started to spin, first of all on the Ashford Traddy, then my Granville Swanney Orkney, and lastly she had a try on my Hamish Polson Shetland spinney.  And a very good job she made of it too!

Today we took advantage of the sun and did a bit of site seeing round the island.   Then back for more wheel spinning before lunch.

After lunch it was time to get out the spindles.  Anna had tried this before but hadn’t been able to make much sense of it.  After a very few minutes on a Mike Williams spindle she realised that it was NOT her, but the spindles she had tried before!!  Or else, as she said, there is magic in the Flotta air…

As the seabirds are beginning to come back for the breeding season, we went up Stanger Head about an hour before sunset.   The first beastie we met was this one (and his friends):

Then on to various bits of WWII gun emplacements and look out posts:

The birds are coming back in numbers. The cliffs had nesting pairs of kittiwakes, fulmars and others, and this morning I saw both light and dark phase Artic skuas. But no puffins as yet. They will come…

Back to the house for a meal, then sorting yarn to dye tomorrow. And finally, working out how to place a thumb and work the fingers of a pair of gloves.


5 thoughts on “March NIFA

    1. I am told the coos have been there for about 3 years – they weren’t there when I was living on Flotta before. I only found them the other day – I LOVE them!! Such characters…! I think there are 8 of them at present.


  1. The last picture looks like you could be standing on the back of one of those beasts…same textures. Here in Michigan in the US we still have loads of snow but after a silent long winter, the cardinals started to sing in the morning calling for spring.

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