I have a Shed!

I am now the proud owner of a very nice shed.  It  has been beautifully made by Willie Beedie from South Ronaldsay, and it arrived yesterday, along with Willie and 3 others to put it into position.  The weater was perfect….

My garden has an area of concrete outside my bathroom window, and that was where the shed was to go.  Before it could get there, it had to be manoeuvred over the grass and over my fence….

… then turned through 90 degrees and lowered off the trolley.

Finally, it had to be levelled off.

This shed is basically for my stash.  OK, there will be a few tools in there, but basically it is for fleece and yarn.  Within an hour of being bolted into place, the task of filling it had started.

I still have quite a bit of stuff over in Steve’s garage, including shelves and units.  But for now, stuff is in plastic bags and boxes.  And, yes, I know ALL about pests…..!!

I had been a bit concerned that folk might mutter about a big shed being put in the front of the house.  (Most people have theirs in the back), but yesterday evening and today everyone has been saying what a nice shed I have.  That is Flotta for you!!


17 thoughts on “I have a Shed!

  1. Oh Liz – I love your garden shed!!! How I wish we had one here. We need one badly. In Dublin we ended up with 3 – and they had to be carried over the roof of our flat-roofed bungalow.

    1. Yes – the past 3 days have been glorious sun – cold, but sun. It is not usual for us to have the days and days of cloud that you have down your way – the wind keeps the clouds moving!!

      another Liz!

  2. like everybody else I envy you the shed – but on the other hand I’d be more worried about damp than pests over here! I could put some of my stuff in the turf or tool shed, but I can’t keep it try enough in there for long….. one of the reasons I never put up a (larger) shed for supplies and maybe sitting in there at a loom or spinning wheel! if I have to install a heater I’d either need electricity or a stove – both make the hole thing much more fussy to put up and expensive to run over a longer time:((

    1. Yes – the one good thing about having the near-constant wind here is that things Dry Out very well! It is a beuatiful sinny day and I have the door open!

      I decided to have it just for storage, so I don’t need to heat it. In time I will probably have electic in there, but not for the moment. That will wait until I have done all the work on the house in 18 mnoths time (or more, being Orkney!).


  3. I think it’s a very nice shed, too!

    I wouldn’t dare put yarn in ours – the mice would be at it in minutes. They even shredded up a stack of thin plastic seedling pots I had out there, the pests.

  4. Aha, a Beedies shed. They were very generous with a shed for the little shop/info point at the Ness of brodgar excavation last year, and having since sold that one they are putting up a bigger one for us this year. I was pleased to see the signature red interior on yours Liz, although a certain well known local potter who shall be nameless covered the Ness one in white paper for some reason known only to himself. Not that it mattered, it just took ages. Anyway yours looks very nice and I hope it is a good size for all your stash.

  5. How nice to have 1) a shed for the supplies 2) all those see thru bins for the supplies – I started off that way but they discontinued the style so I just gave up & bought the GIANT green ones 3) a wooden shed that looks that classy – the skunks, raccoons & squirrels around here would move right in AND 4) to be able to live in a place where you don’t need an alarm system to keep your stuff in it!!

    And it’ll be sooooo nice to just go out & shop in the shed, don’t you think?? Now you can have furniture in the house!! LOL

  6. Hello Liz,
    I am a new reader of your blog and wow yes what a lovely shed, I am looking forward to seeing how it develops – thanks so much for sharing so beautifully!


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