Really enjoying the Fall RTW Shows!

This is the time of year when I have to spend hours a day studying the offerings from the different fashion houses.  New York Fashion Week is first, followed by London, Milan and Paris.  The RTW (ready to wear) shows have less of the theatre about them than the couture shows, although the clothes are often not much more wearable.

New York Fashion Week is in full swing.  And for once, it is a pleasure rather than a chore to go through five or six hundred looks each day.  This year overall the clothes are fantastic, both in cut and colour.  Already I have seen loads of things I could actually wear at my age, shape and size!  Many models are that little bit bigger, with real figures and legs which curve attractively rather than looking like knobbly sticks.  There are fewer body con dresses (the sort you have to be poured in to even if you are size 6 UK) and all sorts of lengths of dresses and skirts.  There are loads of coats which both look great and keep you warm, worn over floaty skirts and tops of solid or printed fabric or knit.  Colours are varied, with plenty of blues (baby, royal, navy) and rich jewel colours across the spectrum.  Even the greys and camels are rich.

The knitwear is both knit-able and wear-able:  no more of the huge stitches.  Cables, colour-work and lace are all there, with both tight fitting and boxy shapes.  Plenty of beanies and cowls, and ‘ordinary’ scarves for men and women:

Of course, there are stupidities as well…

And we still have three and a half weeks to go…!  No doubt by the end of it all I will be fed up with it, but at the moment I am loving my job!!

(If you want to follow the shows too, the easiest site to use is the Vogue one.)


5 thoughts on “Really enjoying the Fall RTW Shows!

  1. haha, amazing what some designers come up with:)) if not even the slim models look good in it – whoever else would want to wear this? though maybe it wouldn’t look quite as stupid if the model wasn’t wearing a bikini under that scarf-thingy? I can see plenty of knitted skirts all around….

  2. Hi!
    So encouraging to hear that fashions are looking “wearable”! Two unrelated questions for you: 1. What staple length of fiber do you like best for knitting lace? and 2. In your Northern Lace virtual packet, there is a black scarf in the section of Estonian Lace…it has four hearts turned one each way, to make a sort of circle. Do you have the pattern for that? I’m knitting a scarf from my treasured ram with some of your lace patterns, and thought that would be a pretty addition on the ends.

    1. Hi Amy,

      For the first question, I would say almost anything if it is spun right! For example, the cashmere fibres are anything from half an inch to 2 ins, as are the fibres in most commercial wools (including merinos). If I am hand spinning, I aminly use Shetland or good merino, and both are in the region of 4 ins…

      For the second, no I don’t, I’m afraid… I took it from a photo of a museum piece, and I don’t even have my chart as the notes for that went in the flood. Sorry…


  3. Thanks Liz! I’m knitting my scarf in your Shetland version of cat’s paw, and I’m really enjoying the knitting. My ram is a Shetland, too (I’m knitting his lamb’s fleece). It looks like that photo I mentioned above had the fir cone (?) lace pattern in the body of the scarf, then the hearts on the ends and finished off with fringe.

    Any quick tips on spinning Shetland fiber properly for lace knitting?

    I just found your blog around the New Year and I read of your move, but don’t know about the flood.


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