Back Home, Up and Running!

I am home.  I have a phone line.  I have broad band.

I also have a silly amount of work on!!  The evening I got back Phyllis came round with a sack of mail – literally a black plastic sack full…  It is now cleared, but I haven’t caught up on other things.

It is lovely to be back on the island.  I love travelling but I also like coming home.  Scottie had had a good time with Steve and Ben, but he is a home-loving bird and slept non-stop for a couple of days…  (Can a dog be called a bird?!)

So now I am playing catch-up once again.  I also have Nigel with me – he has been here since Saturday, and seems to be enjoying himself.  We have been out and about quite a bit, but today the weather is foul, and this afternoon I asked him whether he wanted to go out for a walk or to stay in and have another cup of tea.  He grinned hugely and walked straight over to the tea bags!!  Sensible man!

Menawhile I am knitting away steadily, mainly at stuff for the Orkney book.  I have just finished a blanket of squares (they were used on the box beds) and am on the first sleeve of a gansey that has been on the needles for a while – for some reason work on it keeps being interrupted.  I am in the process of sorting out a Fair Isle vest, trying to decide the exact pattern, the colours and the yarn.  I want to include some yarns easily obtained in the US as well as my favourite J&S.

And I am working on the details of NIFA 2011.  Hopefully it won’t be too long before I can get things up and running.  And I have three patterns almost ready.  Watch this space…!


8 thoughts on “Back Home, Up and Running!

  1. Hi Liz, great to hear you have finally sorted out BT and you’re at home but connected with the rest of the world once more. I bet you’re just a bit pleased about that.

  2. Hello Liz – I enjoyed your travel to Switzerland but I too am glad you are back in your new home. I am curious about the blanket – is each square a different pattern? Somewhere around here I have a photo of the Mull blanket of 2004. That will soon be a vintage item.

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