The Grindelwald Valley

Well, time is against me.  Not knowing when I will next be on line, here are a few photos from my journeys this week.

I have travelled over Kleine Sheidegg and down to the Grindelwald valley three times this week.  It is amazing how the weather can be different on each side of the Mannlichen range.  Online webcams are very useful here – several times I wouldn’t have started out if I hadn’t know the cloud was confined to this level of this valley!

Sun catching blown snow over the Monsch

First is the name of a mountain range above Grindelwald.  I first went up it in a chair lift when I was 16 – an amazing experience I still remember as we went through the cloud and out to see the high peaks in full sun.  Now it is a gondelbahn (enclosed cars which take about 4) and this time there was not a cloud in the sky at any level.  The journey is over 4 stages, and the ‘clockwork’ which takes the cars from one to another is all in full view, and fascinating!

Just one pic of a mountain from the gondelbahn:

Another gondelbahn which is new since I was last here is the one which goes up from the bottom of the Grindelwald valley to Mannlichen.  Most of the time I did this one, on both occasions, the skies were cloudy or that side of the valley was in shadow, so pix were difficult.  But the almost silent ride over first houses, then trees, then the skiing areas was magical…

Grindelwald valley from Mannlichen Gondelbahn

And finally, the Grindelwald Snow festival.  During this past week teams from countries all over the world, including the USA, Canada, Japan, the UK and of course Switzerland itself, have been carving blocks of frozen snow into ice sculptures.  They are worked on during the week, and by tomorrow, the last day, all should be complete.  They will then stay until they melt….

This block was slightly smaller than the others and seemed to be being worked on by local school children

Bears are the symbol of Bern, the local canton.

Tomorrow I start my journey home, and heaven knows when I will next have an internet connection.  Hopefully it will not be too long before I can post once more..!


5 thoughts on “The Grindelwald Valley

  1. I love these scenes of Switzerland – a country I have only visited in summer. But all the snow and mountains and ice sculpting and skiing etc. are wonderful reminders of happy winter memories of yesteryear – in the U.S.

    1. This is my first time in winter. There is less lting snow that usual here, but fresh falls and temps of -18 during the day have lead to the typical winter wonderland scenes… I am going home via Kleine Sheidegg and Grindelwald just to have one last view…!

  2. Wow!! This whole trip looks spectacular! I am a skier, but here in Vermont we have far tamer mountains. How luck you are to get to travel by gondola, chair lift and cable car to see all these wonderful scenes!

      1. Ten miles long – that is skiing heaven! I hope to go there someday. Too bad I’m an ocean and a continent away!

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