Christmas on Flotta

I love snow (when I am not moving…!)  Since I moved in we have had plenty, with cold, clear days and sunshine during most daylight hours.  Scottie has had a grand all time, careering about, rolling in the snow and generally behaving like a puppy!  I took plenty of photos, as there is no knowing when we will next get any – this is not usual weather for Orkney….

view from my front garden to the South across the island



Pan Hope - the daily walk


The highlight of Christmas on Flotta is the midnight service and the party in the kirk afterwards!  Phyllis and Kenny picked me up late on Christmas Eve.  The service started at 11.30, led by Christine, a thought-provoking mix of carols, readings and meditations.

Then just before 12 midnight, Kenny went through to the vestry, and dead on the stroke of midnight he rang the bell.  In the kirk, we all joined hands and sang Oh Come and ye faithful (including the last verse!).  Then it was time for Merry Christmas all round, with plenty of hugs and kisses, whether you knew the folk or not!

Then the party began!  Crackers were pulled, hats were worn, and lots of lovely food was eaten.  This is island life at its best…

I had been invited out for lunch on Christmas Day, but spent it quietly at home recovering!  Scottie and I went for a morning walk…

….and he had his present – a bone – his favourite.  I then opened my pressies – lots of lovely Scottie stuff from my Scottie friends, including a wonderful Hawaiian shirt and lei for Scottie – it look great in the snow!!  All in all, a very good, very Scottie Christmas.

Then it was all change – getting ready to go away for New Year with my parents, followed by two weeks in Switzerland.  All my cold weather gear had already been well tested, but I always find packing challenging – trying to decide exactly what I do NOT need, and exactly what yarn and needles to take (decisions on clothes take up next to no time!!).  There was still  problem of whether or not I would even be able to leave the island, as there was still several inches of snow everywhere.

In the event, the snow cleared on Monday….

… and I left the island on Tuesday, arriving here on Wednesday, only to find that Dad’s internet connection was only been working intermittently!!  But a bit of detective work has pinpointed the problem – you have guessed it – it is BT’s fault…  An engineer will be coming… allegedly….

6 thoughts on “Christmas on Flotta

  1. What a lovely Christmas Eve service. The Lutheran service here was similar, with lots of hugs all around – so you don’t have to live on an island to get the hugs.

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