Moved but not Connected

I am still not online at home, but as I am now staying with my parents I am using their system.  So here is a post I wrote when I was expecting to be connected…

There have been easier moves.  The snow decided to do its best to make life difficult, but on Monday Tony, Martin and Steve got the van packed while Ruth removed the snow from the van and cleaned up behind us in the house.


Scottie snoopervising moving out...
The road as we loaded the van in the 'Hope...

Then Steve took Scottie and to the ferry.  By then it was not only snowing, but windy and the snow was drifting – I didn’t think we would make it, but we did.  My car was sitting on the pier at Houton under about 4 ins of snow, but it started first flick.

I have never driven an automatic, and I wasn’t about to start, so the lovely Lorna, mate of the Hoy Head, drove the car on to the boat for me, and the equally lovely Kenny drove it off on Flotta, and up to the house.  He and Phyllis helped me unload, and them took me to the hostel where I was spending the night.  As they left, Phyllis gave me a bag of home bakes – her ability at baking is only outdone by her kindness.

Next morning the snow was lying deep and crisp and even, and I did not expect the to see the van.  But Tony and Martin made it, and, just to make sure everything was white, it snowed as they unloaded.  Fortunately the heaters had been delivered the day before and had been on all night, so the house was warm.  Scottie delighted both in the snow and his job as supervisor.

Moving in - note the community Christmas tree right outside my gate!
The house in the middle of the Burnside estate (or scheme)

For the next couple of days it was all boxes with some knitting in between.  The first thing sorted was the computers – no phone even yet, but I have been able to work on patterns.  I have an alpaca lacy jacket waiting to be dressed, and the gansey I am working on is now past the splitting.

Friday was my birthday, and right on cue the postie was at the door with a pressie from my friend Aileen – a lovely bunch of spray carnations and a wee birthday cake:

I first met Aileen when she came to live on Flotta when I was here before.  She has now left the island, but we have kept in touch and it is she who keeps me in hand knitted socks!!

This afternoon, being Sunday, was church.  I have always loved the Flotta kirk, and it was wonderful to be back.  Phyllis had given me a lift, and I had hoped to slip in quietly.  Not a hope!  Isobel, who was taking the service, called me to the front to light the candles on the Advent wreath.  Lots of friends with the occasional new face wondering exactly who I was….!

I wrote that a week before Christmas.  I will catch up the last few days at a later point…


3 thoughts on “Moved but not Connected

  1. Oh Liz what a lovely welcome to the kirk. Belated Happy Birthday. That was a while ago now. It’s an odd feeling this year – I don’t know why but when I hear that a friend has just turned x and I find it hard to believe and then I suddenly think oh yes I am nearly that age myself!

  2. Love the photos Liz – best wishes for a great New Year and much happiness in your new home with Scottie. You are certainly getting your share of snow!!!

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