My change of address card…

From 7th December 2010 my address will be

17, Burnside,   Flotta,   Orkney,   KW16 3NP


phone 01856 701 960 (probably – when BT deign to sort it)






Well, I am almost packed.  Just the computer to go now.  I have no idea how long I will be off line – too many variables.  But if BT continue to say ‘not until all the snow goes’, may I be the first to wish you all a Happy Easter…

In fact several of my friends on Flotta are on line, so at least I will be able to catch up at times.  I will try to get some snow pix for you all once I am there.

I leave this house tomorrow, spend the night in one of the self catering houses on Flotta, just half a minute from my house, then move in on Tuesday.  Thanks to the wonderful Phyllis and Kenny Gee I am able to take Scottie with me (rather than him wait to come over with Steve on Saturday) so he will be able to supervise all the unloading as well as the loading.

(P.S  I would like to point out that the house on the top left pic is not the one I am moving to, nor are the individuals top right my nearest neighbours.  They live over the hill.)



5 thoughts on “My change of address card…

  1. Have a great time moving, and deciding where your “things” will go in the new house! Look forward to reading about your adventures.

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