It’s Winter!

For the past couple of weeks the forecast has been muttering about snow, and we have had none at all. Gales, yes; snow, no. So this time when they said snow I assumed they would be wrong again. They were not!

We haven’t had a lot here in the village, but there is much more on the hills. We went in to town this morning and I should have taken the camera. The sun was out and the slate grey sea, storm sky and white hills looked beautiful. The roads were OK – because it was below freezing there was no slush only powdery snow.

As soon as we got back, while I was still in my outside gear, I took Scottie out. Usually I photograph the village on the way back, but I could see the clouds racing towards us so I took them on the way out. Good job I did – the snow hit us as we turned to come home.

This is looking over to the island of Burray, between us and Mainland. (We cross it on our way into Kirkwall, going over the Fourth Barrier. Over the years the sand has piled up on the East side of it, so it is like crossing a spit of land not a causeway.)

These are the ‘Hope. As my house is so low you can’t actually see it at all in the pix, but it is there..! And it will only be my house for another 9 days…!


6 thoughts on “It’s Winter!

  1. Liz – that’s just beautiful!!! Yesterday I was chatting with a Hawaii born girl who likes Scotland, particularly the Highlands. I told her that if I had my choice I would live in Orkney. I do like Seattle though. And it was very beautiful with the snow for 4 or 5 days. The snow and ice are all gone now. Keep warm and dry.

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