A Fair and a Chair…

This weekend there was a craft fair in the Cromarty Hall, literally across the road from the house.  It was on Saturday evening and Sunday afternoon.  As I had to sort all my jewellery anyway, I thought I might as well take a table…!

I only took charm stuff, no wool.  I didn’t think there would be much in the way of takers for the knitting stuff, and it is bulkier so not as easy to take across etc.  As it turned out there was a wool stand on the Sunday and they did quite well – there are more knitters in the ‘Hope than I had realised!!

It all went very well – not so busy that people couldn’t see, and there was time to chat to customers and for them to decide exactly what they wanted.  I did very well, and had customers from the proverbial 6 to 60!

Then this morning I went to pick up my chair.  It is an Orkney straw backed chair – a traditional chair with a wooden frame and an oat straw back.  The frame was made by Colin Kirkness and the straw work is by Julie Hume.  And it is beautiful….

The shape of the back is traditional to Orkney.  Those of you who have seen Stewart Thompson’s chairs will notice that it is different from the Fair Isle chairs, in that it does not have the uprights in the back ‘corners’.

The way the stitches are made is slightly different too…

And an added bonus – I think it is going to be just the right height for the Polson wheel…  I won’t know until after the move though.

10 thoughts on “A Fair and a Chair…

  1. What a lovely chair!! I hope it works for you in your new house. I can’t wait to see some pictures of your new little house – since I live on the West Coast of British Columbia where everyone wants houses that are BIGGER, with Stainless Steel, Granite, hard wood & more bathrooms than the one before, it’s hard to imagine a tiny house with history. And storage, where do you put your stash??? in the rafters?? Good luck

  2. I love your new chair. We moved a year ago and now live in our “wee cottage” and I am enjoying it. Are you the person who made all that jewelry? When do you have time? I had already figured that you knit 20 hours a day and write a bit after that.

  3. I find those chairs very interesting – everywhere in old cottages you find those highback chairs, different in design, but the end result is similar – to provide a warm back in front of an open fire:)) love the doggie themed blanket as well!

  4. Hi Liz , Love your chair, actually Jim at the School house on Papay has one,and I really loved it when we were there. I realize it’s about time for your move back to Scapa Flow, what an exciting time , I would have written sooner but I’ve come down with the flu,so I’m up and down, all the best in your move. Muriel and Horst.

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