Three weeks to go!

My life is very up and down at present.  Up stairs one minute and down the next.  Confident I am on track one minute and panicking the next.

In the last couple of days I have sorted my ColourMart stash.   Several boxes have gone/are going to loving homes – the squeals of delight when folk see what they have got is lovely.  And I may be getting rid of a lot of stuff, but you should see what I have left…  I am panicking that there will not be room for it all…  Oh well, I can cover the boxes and use them for tables/chairs…

One nice little twist.  I put my mannequins on Bruck (a Radio Orkney program) last night.  The headless female went straight away to an art and textile student.  Then this afternoon I got a phone call from a bloke wanting the rest.  We arranged collection and then I asked him his name.  It was Kenny from Flotta!  They have got planning permission to turn an old croft house into a Heritage Centre, and they wanted the mannequins for that.  So I have promised a Flotta gansey for Fritz to wear – given time!   The speed things work I suspect I should just about have finished it when they get the work done – permissions etc take ages.

Over the past few days I have also been photographing several new garments.   That is done, but I haven’t had time to actually get the pix on to the patterns.  Hopefully I will have a couple of new ones up soon.  Between filling boxes…

And I have found a pic I took a bit ago, looking across the island. I have arrowed where my house is… Behind the tiny white blob.

Weather permitting we are going over again on Thursday and, again, weather permitting, Iwill try to take some more pix…


7 thoughts on “Three weeks to go!

  1. Yes, I am jealous also albeit I am very happy to have made our move to Seattle. It’s just that I want to have so many lives in so many places. That’s not the way life works, is it.

  2. Liz – I’ve been listening to Radio Orkney – that Orkney accent is quite something – I like it! And I liked the item about the missing bobbins for the spinning wheels. If you by chance have any, leave them in to the St. Magnus Cafe. Also the handknit fairisle mittens – in the lost and found. What a great place to live!

  3. Good luck with your move Liz – the photo of your new area looks lovely and peaceful.
    We have had a lovely day at our spinning group doing dyeing so full of inspiration.

  4. Good luck – I don’t envy you the packing and unpacking, I hate moving house with a vengeance. But it is a wonderful opportunity to prune and organise.

  5. Moving is not fun, at the best. But finding forgotten treasures is. I don’t know that I would be able to part with Colourmart stash (you introduced me to Colourmart a few years ago). I treasure the postcard I have showing Orkney, looking north from Stanger Head, since that is our family name.

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