Bits and Pieces

It has been that sort of week.  I haven’t stopped, but I haven’t DONE anything!

I am slowly sorting boxes ready for my move.  That means trips to the attic most evenings doing the easy bits first and leaving anything which needs thought until later.  So far I have sorted into one corner all the things which belong to Steve, Ben and Nick and which will go straight (back!) to Steve’s garage.  I have also given away two huge bin bags full of yarn that I will not use, and have found more bits.  I have also made some decisions over what wool I will keep – not sorted that yet, but it is a start…

All sorts of things have gone or are going on Freegle. This is a brilliant way of keeping stuff out of land fill, and it appeals to my thrifty (mean?!) nature – I hate throwing away things which I can no longer use for one reason or another but which are perfectly useable.  Last week I got rid of a load of office stuff, and this week I have started on the various attic bits from photo stuff to Deckmaster Magic cards once collected avidly by Ben and Nick.

Having got a lot of boxes ‘done’ this evening I started on some of the more difficult ones – boxes which I had to go through item by item to see what needed to be kept, chucked, given away or sent on to others.  I am keeping my antique dolls (once owned by my grand mother’s grand mother) but giving away a load of soft toys.  Similarly I am keeping one or two ornaments from the past (such as my Swiss musical box from the 60s) but giving away anything which doesn’t have a very strong reason to be kept.  The beauty of going to a Very Small House is that if there is any question about keeping it, it GOES!

In one box I found a whole pile of odd letters, photos and bits from way back in the 70s, including a load of letters and cards, bible study notes and bits of songs.  Some had a reason to be kept, but I have no idea how the others have survived this long.  And while I have changed out of all recognition in the past 35 years, my friend Ingrid looks exactly the same in the photos as she does today..!

Me at my brother's wedding in '76. I made the suit and hat and wore them for years...
Ingrid at the same wedding, with Iain Wright, a University friend on the left and Michael Brown, roadie to the Water into Wine band on the right.

And all this has brought up another problem:  what does one do with knitted samples from patterns and mags??  The hats, gloves, mitts, scarves etc have all gone to Blythswood’s Shoebox Appeal; the gansey stuff is going to Jan at Frangipani.

But WHAT do I do with shawls, sweater, vest etc which do not fit me or anyone I know??  Any (sensible) suggestions?


12 thoughts on “Bits and Pieces

  1. Offer them up on Ravelry – you’ll get a completely different sort of people, self-selected to be into knitting and value your stuff.

    1. The trouble is that Ravelry is for people who knit, and people who knit are not usually the people whowill buy hand knitted goods…. At present I am thinking towards using Etsy, but ‘advertising’ the fact that I have put them up on Ravelry….


  2. Is it possible that if the shawls are of traditional designs that somewhere like a Shetland Museum, or the V&A might be interested? After all you are a designer of renown!

  3. Love reading your news Liz – I know what it is like to shift from a large to smaller house. It is a great way to have a clean out a friend of mine throws out everything she has stored for 10 years as decides she is not likely to need it in the next 10 years. Being thrifty I have clothes from size 14 to size 20 hoping that one day I will lose weight!!!

  4. I have another thought for this. I find myself wearing items now that I have had in the back of the closet for a long long time. And now finally they have resurfaced, thanks to our move, and I am enjoying wearing them again – or in some cases it’s for the first time.

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