Shameless advertising – ganseys galore

Now that I am home for a bit I have been sorting out patterns which are on the computer but not on the net.  These include some that have been in Yarn Forward magazine and other which haven’t seen the light for day at all.

The first set all use gansey patterns and all are knitted in Frangipani 5 ply gansey yarn. When I started knitting ‘proper’ ganseys I tried all the 5 ply yarns available and liked Frangipani the best.  Since then I have found 0out how nice Jan is, so that is a double reason to use the yarn!!

The Thorfinn gansey was in Yarn Forward earlier in the year.  Here it is modelled by son Nick:

It is a totally traditional gansey, made in the traditional way, from the bottom up, in the round and with gussets.  The pattern is one found in the Northern Isles.

Then there are two children’s patterns.  The Lighthouse gansey is a typical Cornish one, and it too is knitted in the traditional manner:

The Skerries gansey is made with 5 ply yarn, but this one is made in pieces and sewn together.  I particularly like using a shawl neck on kid’s sweaters – it is so practical, making the sweater easy to put on, but hugging the neck and keeping them warm at the same time.

This particular one was made with a couple of balls of wool Jan sent me as samples of new colours.  It would look equally good in one colour.

If a full scale gansey isn’t for you, perhaps we could tempt you with a hat and pair of mitts?!

The pattern make use of a 13 stitch panel with moss stitch between.  There are several motifs charted – two different zigzags, two different hearts, an anchor – and you can use any or all of them for both the hat and the mitts.  You could also use any other 13 stitch panel…

Finally, I have put out the sampler cushions as a separate pattern.  These two cushion are in the Gansey Workbook:

Once more, having got the rough stitch number, you can use any pattern on the cushions – I have used this several times as a way of sampling a full sized gansey pattern!

If you are a member of Ravelry, all the patterns can be found in my store there. If you aren’t, then try Etsy.  (The problem with Etsy is that if the copy on sale has been sold it won’t appear again until I put another one up – on Ravelry the pattern stays there however many copies sell.)  Or just email me…

Menawhile, I am working on some lace patterns….


4 thoughts on “Shameless advertising – ganseys galore

  1. I love Frangipani gansey yarn too! I’m on my second gansey, and wouldn’t dream of knitting it with anything else. I also found the yarn makes for great socks. You have a lovely bunch of patterns there, Liz. I need more time to knit knit knit…

  2. Hi Liz – I want to make the Thorfinn sweater for my hubby. I did a search through your patterns on Ravelry and couldn’t find it. I read your post on KBTH and follow your lovely blog – Thanks!

    1. Hi Patricia, Sorry – I looked and found didn’t put it on – I was putting a load of gansey ones on to Etsy and Rav and missed that on Rav – no excuse – just no brain… It is there now.. Wish the brain bit was as easy to fix…


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