The Norway Stash and other bits!

Now that I have been home a couple of days I have sorted out my pix, videos and my stash!

Firstly, the shipping line was Hurtigruten. They are basically a ferry company, with ships which sail daily from Bergen in the south to Kirkenes on the very north of Norway, taking freight, cars and people. As well as this, they take ‘cruise’ passengers who can do either one way (6 or 7 days) or a return trip (13 days).

They do stress it is a ferry not a cruise ship, and there are fewer staff than on a true cruise ship, but you do get to go to all sorts of interesting places, and they arrange excursions from the ports where they spend a couple of hours or more. They visit different places on the north and south bound journeys. It is definitely a good way of seeing the coast of Norway – I can recommend it highly!

I have up loaded a couple of videos to YouTube. The pix here are links – click on them to get to the real thing! The first is one of the tunes played during the afternoon I was listening to the jam session. I didn’t get the names of those involved – it was an unplanned, fluid afternoon. The numbers of musicians varied from one to six – an accordion, a whistle/pipe/recorder (not sure exactly what – it was louder than a recorder but had more notes than the UK whistles and played in different keys), a double bass and up to three fiddles. The tunes on the video had just two fiddles if I remember correctly. The videos is just taken out of the window where I was sitting, so the horizon does go up and down a bit. All taken in real time so you can gauge the speed of the boat!

The second one was a group of dancers from the Lofoten islands. Earlier in the week there was a group from Alesund (which included the socks!!). They were mainly youngsters, whereas this group were older. Both groups were performing in the middle of the working day, and I suspect the lack of working aged dancers was a direct result of the timing!

Both clips are just that – single take clips to give you an idea of what went on…

And the stash!

I have just put one ball of each colour – and the dark red is missing as I only have one ball of that and it is on the needles at present. The Dale Falk is for a sweater for Nigel and either some hats or cushions, which ever I decide on when the time comes!! The PT5, a brand I hadn’t come across before, is a 20% nylon ‘sport’ wool – note the skating and skiing sheep on the ball bands:

This is a sock weight yarn, and will be used for socks I suspect, but may be gloves. The SandnesGarn Palett is also a sock yarn, and will definitely be used for socks.

At Oslo airport I bought the only knitting mag they had – and it was a good one! I just LOVED the clothes for the rabbits. I am sure my Scandinavian friends will correct me, but I suspect this is a common toy, as there are more clothes for it in the next issue! The black and white jacket was also very striking, and there are plenty of other interesting patterns, many of them for WARM wear!

All this means that I have plenty more work to keep me going….


7 thoughts on “The Norway Stash and other bits!

  1. I bought wool too, when I went to norway (long time ago, 1993!) I made a cardie for my niece, which she loved and wore a lot. next that went to her younger sister and then to the 3rd one – it lasted through 3 kids and was still in good shape after that! if that’s not good quality wool I don’t know what is!
    I hope you’ll use it for a lovely design, looking forward to a few nice pix:))
    happy knitting
    Bettina (ireland, but wouldn’t mind a winter in norway either:))

  2. Liz, this is January 2017. We are about to dock at Bodo, – we being MS Nordkapp. Have only just found your blog. I resisted yarn in Trondheim as what I would have bought was DROPS, and I can get that at home. I am hoping the yarn store in Tromso is still there. Interesting that you sailed from the UK. I must investigate for next time
    Thanks, Marie

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