Have I been back a week??

Doesn’t time fly?…

I have been busy.  Apart from sorting everything out from when I was away, I have been getting ready for teaching an on-line Shetland Lace workshop for the Online Guild all September, a Faeroese weekend at the Wool Shed near Aberdeen on 11th and 12th September, and doing some patterns in the new J&S chunky yarn.

The first pattern for this is Beanie in J&S Chunky yarn – avaiable for free here.  It will also be going up on the J&S website.

It is a simple beanie, taking just 1 ball of the new yarn, so just right for adding to your order for other things!  It is so simple even the men in your life will wear it – do it in their team colours for instant success!

I have almost finished another pattern, for a hat and mitts with a bit of Fair Isle:

This one will be a p/hop pattern, not a freebie.  Watch this space for news of when it is completed.

And for the weekend I have done a top down mini Faeroese shawl to go with the traditional one:

This is done in Alba lace, sold by the Wool Shed.  It is a lovely yarn, a single ply lace weight, in glorious colours (which tend not to come out on the screen for some reason…!)

And I’ve made a pair of Faeroese footlets in J&S aran weight (called Soft Spun).  There are two main methods of making these footlets, and this is the first pair I have made using this method.

They fit Steve perfectly…

In the museum at Torshavn there is a pair of knitted overshoes from the mid Nineteenth Century.  They have a cable sole, and were used to provide grip in the ice:

The modern footlets have a direct line of descent from them – they are now used inside, as most of the year the Faeroese wear boots outside, and have the footlets in their pocket when they go visiting!

Sorting through my photos of the Faeroes has brought back memories.  If only they would bring the direct boat back between Torshavn and Shetland…  They are beautiful islands, and I have good friends there I want to see again!


9 thoughts on “Have I been back a week??

  1. I DO love your patterns … especially the footlets and the mini shawl … but where can I buy them?

    Thank you for being there and sharing so much of your expertise … and photos of Orkney…


  2. those footlets are great! when we had the ice on the roads for weeks last winter, I pulled old socks over my wellies to prevent us slipping – but footlets might be a better choice! great idea – I’ll have to fiddle around with that…..

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