From Knit Camp 2

I have now had a chance to edit some pix of classes and the grounds.

First, the Introduction to Fair Isle class on Tuesday:


There were 23 students and the room was pretty full to say the least!  I had originally been put in a bigger room, but then they found out that it didn’t have a projector for some reason so I was moved.  Although the room was full, it is lovely to be teaching in one room all week – I can leave bits there and get sorted for the next class in plenty of time.  In the afternoon, once everyone was working away, I went along to the Knit Camp office, and dragooned Sandra, who is manning the J&S stall all week, into coming along with her knitting so that they could see her knitting with a belt and with three (not four or five) needles.

The campus is arranged so that the teaching blocks are on one side of a lake and the accommodation on the other.  This means a walk round the loch, and close encounters of the avian kind.  This swan had 6 cygnets and didn’t take any notice of me even though they were very close:


The sky was actually blue when I took the pic, but I was looking directly in to the sun.  Over to the right are the teaching blocks, with the Wallace Monument behind:


Wednesday was  Lace Design in the morning.  This time there were 14 of us, so there was more room to breathe!  This was a very intensive session, with me doing a lot of talking before the students got their pencils out and got down to trying a design for themselves.  Last year we worked as a group and did a scarf.  This year I gave them a choice of a triangle for a shawl, or a square/scarf.  Everyone had different ideas, and were soon either doing the maths or swatching their yarn and needles.  (They had the choice of 2 ply lace weight or 1 ply cobweb, both J&S wool again.)  I think most of them did more than they expected, and I will enjoy looking out for their designs in magazines in the future..!

The afternoon I spent getting sorted ready for Thursday and Friday, because once I wake on Thursday I do not get another chance to think until Sunday!!  I got all my marketplace stuff sorted and boxed ready to be taken over to the other building to be set up Very Early Friday morning.  The marketplace is all day Friday and Saturday, and as I am also teaching Friday morning I need to be organised.


9 thoughts on “From Knit Camp 2

  1. I forgot to ask…..when knitting with 3 needles — your stitches are on two and you are knitting onto the third….but the stitches on the two needles — is the right side of the knitting on the inside of the round or facing out….just wondering….I did see this demonstrated once in Shetland but honestly I was so amazed at the speed…I can’t recall anything else LOL!!!

    1. The stitches are on 2 needles, and the right side is outwards (as it is worn). The frst and last couple of stitches are the ‘problem’ – you need to work out exactly where yoiu put your fingers, and you need to get the stitches tight enough. Apart from that it is as easy as using 4 or 5…

      on Shetland as we speak…

      1. I have the needles and belt purchased in Shetland….so I think I need to give this a try on my next sweater…..thank you for posting so much info on the Knit Camp (hope it happens again) and your visit to Shetland. Makes me want to go again – but next time to have more of a serious fibre schedule.

        Thanks again,


  2. Thank you so much for the news and pix Liz – love seeing them and what a wonderful time everyone will be having .

  3. Thank you so much for posting those pics. Brought back some great memories of when my son attended Uni at Stirling – forgot how lovely it is on Campus. Your classes looked busy!Hope you get some well-earned rest when you get home!

  4. Soooo envious of the group on Shetland – have a wonderful time and thank you for the news and pix

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