Final Rushing About Before Knit Camp!

The past few days have been hectic, to say the least. Not only have I been sorting out my own stuff for teaching etc at Knit Camp (4 classes, 3 talks) and making the final arrangements for Shetland, but I have been getting the house ready to be put on the market.

As well as the usual tidying etc before the photos were taken, I had finally found someone to do the back garden.  I had had a load of chippings delivered and partially laid, but I wanted the spare flags down as a paved area by the house.

This time last year the back looked like this:

Then on Sunday I heard that Orkney Paving could come and do it on Tuesday and Wednesday.  On Tuesday afternoon it looked like this:

And today it looks like this:

They have made a brilliant job of it, working with the stone.  And once the paving was done, they took away all the rubble and laid the rest of the chippings.  So that should help to sell the house!

I am now all packed ready to go down to Stirling tomorrow.  I leave about 9 am and will get to the University about 6.30 or 7.  The journey is fairly easy – car to the ferry, ferry over the Pentland Firth, bus to Inverness, change, bus to Perth, and the lovely Doug is picking me up in Perth.  It is a journey I have done many times – each bus leg is about 3 hours through lovely countryside, with beautiful views (if the weather is nice).  The change in Inverness is just a nice length – not too long, but long enough for delays on the first leg not to worry me!

It is going to be so nice to see all the people I have been talking to over the past months.  Recent changes to my timetable mean that I am very grateful to the folk who have said they will help me with the stall while I am away doing other things.  I am going to end up very tired – but who cares?!


6 thoughts on “Final Rushing About Before Knit Camp!

  1. I agree with Cat – would love to have a house in the Hope – a house with a degree of history to it!!!

    You have been and are going to be very busy for the next while. Hi to Kentucky Katherine and any other mutual friends.

    You are so busy – it must mean you are feeling better and have shaken whatever bug that was that slowed you down.

    Janet in sunny Seattle

  2. Love your back yard Liz.
    Have just been into the British Yarn website and read your profile. Would love to be taking part in the triangular shawl workshop.
    I have just posted two skeins of fine merino wool as an entry into a National Exhibition here and stated the end use is a lacy triangular shawl.
    The skeins are 600m and 670m so assume that is sufficient as I have never knitted one.
    Have a great time at Knitters Camp.

  3. Oh, Liz, are you selling that wonderful house? If I recall correctly, it was formerly the harbourmasters house, right?

    I hope you are moving into another place that is just as nice or maybe even better.

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