The Stirling Shawl for Knit Camp

Back in the middle of April Jo asked me to design a shawl for Knit Camp.  The brief was that it should use the British Yarn colours (red, white and blue) and include some of the British Yarn and Knit Camp logo elements.  I have written a piece about the process of designing it on the Knit Camp blog which will be here at some point.

This is the finished shawl:

It is knitted in Jamieson and Smith’s 2 ply jumper weight, and the fact that they had exactly the right red and exactly the right blue was an added bonus!  I love using Shetland yarn for shawls – just the right amount of bounce when knitting in a hurry and the knowledge that it will take dressing very well indeed!!

I had fun with the motifs.  Although I love knitting the traditional lace patterns I love designing new motifs; it is a challenge to pare an image back to the essentials and then show that in holes. You also have to keep in mind the folk who will be knitting the piece – something like this needs to be fun knit and not too taxing.  It was for this reason that I almost immediately ‘split’ the logo into the sheep and the needles, with the crossed needles forming the Scottish Saltire.

If I were to do it again, or if I was to do it for myself,  there are small changes I would make.  I would make the sheep face away from the centre back, for a  start, and I would put in a couple of small hearts in the larger triangles of garter stitch under the end sheep’s head.  But such things, simple thought they are to do, would have made the charts and line-by-line instructions tricky.

There will be much more about the shawl on the Knit Camp blog, and the pattern is available as a free download until the middle of August.

14 thoughts on “The Stirling Shawl for Knit Camp

  1. Well done Liz. I wonder how many people will knit it and wear it at Knit Camp – a photo of the wearers with their shawls would be fun.
    Janet, in Seattle where it is HOT

    1. I’m not sure how many people will get theirs finished – the pattern went up rather late – not one’s fault, just the way of things. But a lot of folk have downloaded it from Ravellry. Liz

  2. Well done Liz – a gorgeous shawl – and one I shall be knitting even though I am not going to the event !!

  3. hi i think this is just beatiful! i really want to get the pattern but the site Never said it was avablie. will it ever be avablie?

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