A side line…

One thing I used to do a lot in Dover was take pictures of, and write about, babies.  Now, I don’t happen to LIKE babies, but that is beside the point.

Most of my studio equipment went in the flood and I haven’t replaced it, but Nick and I between us do have a couple of lights and occasionally we do studio shoots of one sort or another.  This week I was asked by a friend to do some shots of her baby, Sarah.  It is Sarah’s first birthday party next Saturday and her grannie had bought a very frilly dress.  As Sarah is a tom boy, her mother Steph wanted a few pix to show that one day she looked like a little girl!  Steph very sensibly said she wanted the pix before the party as she reckoned that 5 minutes in the dress and Sarah would have covered it in everything in sight!

Steph was the perfect mother – she did as she was told and didn’t work Sarah up.  We had arranged that she would come in one outfit, we would get her settled with the studio, flashing etc, and then put on The Dress:

I have only one antique – my grandmother’s high chair:

It was then time to change, and, as ever, I couldn’t resist the grab shot that is Steph’s favourite:

Taking pix of a year old baby is about the best time – they go through a range of expressions, but do stay in one place for 2 minutes if distracted right.  So I was able to get a whole load of different emotions, ending with a few more grab shots at the every end.  Steph had not come prepared to be photographed, but it worked well:

6 thoughts on “A side line…

  1. the pix are really nice – but seeing the dress makes me appreciate having a boy:)) though at age 12.5 (the half year at that age is extremely important!!!) he’s hardly at an age to dress up….

  2. Ahhhhhhhhhhh . . . . the adorable age. Everything is an adventure, they haven’t learned to swear, smoke, defy & say NO. And she’s a very pretty baby too. I much prefer candid shots to posed ones & these are terrific. How about a shot in a Gansey??

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