More on the red Faroese shawl

Well, the shawl is almost finished.  It is off the needles and photographed.

Because its size and shape, I dressed it folded.  I first pinned the back gusset to shape, then one wing, then folded the other over the top and pinned that:

Because of the double thickness and the fact it was alpaca, it took a while to dry, but it has kept the blocking well:

The fringe is now in progress.  Yes, I did have plenty of yarn and will have some left over after the fringe – so it has taken 250 g of the Artesano 4 ply alpaca for the shawl and about another 50 g ball for the fringe.

Being alpaca (a heavy fibre) it doesn’t need the fringe to weight the bottom edge, but it is looking nice!  Final pix and details at a later date – I haven’t weighed and measured it yet.

This was a nice warm knit – perfect for the silly June temperatures we have been having – I am now missing the nice warm weight of it on my knee…  Still, another shawl is next up, this time one to be ready for Knit Camp…

13 thoughts on “More on the red Faroese shawl

  1. I really like the simple lace pattern in this shawl. Liz will the pattern be avalable? I have some alpaca just screaming for this pattern!

    1. Thank yo and others – glad folk are liking the pattern.

      It will be available at some point, but I am not sure exactly when. Although the basic pattern is written up it still needs work, and I need to take pix of the shawl with the fringe. I will let you know when it IS avaiable!!


  2. Alpaca is apparently 3.5 times warmer by weight than wool – mostly much too warm for this climate. I do love the silky feel of good alpaca yarn but it can also stretch – blocking a test piece is essential!

    1. Yes – there is alpaca and alpaca…! That is one thing about the Artesano – it is less dense than some and so less likely to stretch.

      In this shawl I have also gone down a needle size compared to what I would use for wool, to help stop it stretching.


  3. Liz – now how did you know that I have just over 300g of alpaca sitting in my stash just waiting for a good project???

  4. Loved the red shawl. A change from the usual natural colours, but where is the fringe? I come from Faroe, and all their shawls are fringed! Anyway, as I live in Insch, near Oyne, I might see you next month. I have made quite a few shawls myself and find it very relaxing.

    1. The fringe is now on the shawl – it was just that I took those pix before I put the fringe on – some people wouldn’t want to put the fring on, so I wanted those pix for the pattern!

      It would be lovely to see you at The Woolshed… I will have that pattern there, along with two mini shawls, one the real way and one top down! I wil also have a pattern for footlets, if I can get the technology to work, some pix of your home!


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