Papay Photos

Our three days on Papay have been fun!  It is an island of about 70 people, and we stayed with Jim and Morag Hewitson at School Place.  Jim is a wordsmith and Morag a brilliant cook.  What could be better!

The island boasts a yarn shop attached to the Post Office and it is important to support island life.  So Muriel and I felt duty-bound to spent both time and money in there!!  The yarn shop was our first port of call, before walking on down to the old pier.

Wednesday was Westray, seeing the oldest Westray Wife in existence, and joining the local spinning and knitting group in the afternoon at Carrie’s studio, Edenweave. A good time was had by all three of us!

Thursday was a ‘recovery and shopping’ day.  We wandered down to the beach before shopping for yarn, and were hardly settled, watching the birds and looking out for seals, when we saw three black sails.  It was a pod of three Orcas (killer whales), two adults and a baby.  They swam in between the Holm and Papay itself, lazily wandering about.  As the tide was very low, they were not able to get out over the rocks at the far end, so we knew we would see them again.  And we did!  It was an added extra.

Then it was yarn falling into our bags.  Lots of lovely stuff.  Various colours of Regia 6 ply sock yarn, some Artesano Hummingbird, some Manos silk blend and some fine 4 ply alpaca for me, and sock yarn and the local Papay ‘oo for Muriel (I have a couple of bags of that at home!)  We both need the yarn to pack round other things in our cases.  That is our excuse and we are sticking to it.

Later we wandered down to the pier to talk to the seals….

On Friday morning we made it down to the Knap of Howar, the oldest house in Northern Europe.  Quite a walk, but well worth it!

Late in the afternoon we flew back to Kirkwall for a meal at The Shore and night at the Pomona B&B. This morning we did a bit of shopping before Muriel and Horst flew back to Glasgow and I came back here to Scottie and the emails….


5 thoughts on “Papay Photos

  1. Liz, I just wanted to thank you again it truly was a Northern Fiber Adventure, I beleive the word is awesome, and what an adventure in fiber and nature and history. Thank you so very very much. Muriel & Horst Peter

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