More North Ronaldsay photos…

We have had glorious weather for the past couple of days – sunny and warm (on our scale of things!!).  On Sunday we wandered the rocks and watched sheep, and yesterday we went up to the mill at the North of the island in the morning so that Muriel could see where her roving came from.  That was the excuse anyway!

Then in the afternoon we went over to see June and Gerry Morris.  Since I was last there they have added Herdwick sheep to their collection, and a herd of alpaca.  These were very tame – and very nosy!  They have 6 females, three youngsters (born last summer) and three adult males.

This is Gerry, Horst and one of the young males ….

…..watching  Muriel and June feeding some of the females…..

…. and this is Horst feeding one of the youngsters.

They still have quite a number of North Ronaldsays, some of which are going South in a few weeks time.  One, only a year old, produced a lamb last week.  It was his first time outside yesterday, and not only his mother (the white one) but the other two females were keeping a close watch on him, making sure he was OK.

This afternoon we fly over to Papa Westray, or Papay as it is known locally.  The wind has got up so it is likely to be a bit bumpy at take off and landing but the rest of the 15 minute flight should be fine.


2 thoughts on “More North Ronaldsay photos…

  1. Alpacas are very intelligent animals aren’t they…there are unconfirmed reports of one acting as something of a “baby sitter” to a human toddler here in the Adelaide Hills! The local farmers like them because they keep the foxes at bay.

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