Playing Catch-Up

I am back from Shetland and once again playing catch-up.  You would think that as I have so much practise, I would be good at it by now…

1.  The Election.  I spent the night of 6th/7th dozing and listening to the radio.  I was awake at about 6 am when the result for Orkney and Shetland was announced.  As expected Alistair Carmichael got in with a very large majority.  He is an excellent MP, very down-to-earth and not one of those with dodgy expenses.

Since then I have been following the to-ing and fro-ing with interest.  It will be interesting to see how the coalition goes – we have been used to such things in Scotland for years and it can work very well – no one party can carry through stupid things….  We hope…

2.  Shetland doings.  I was able to sort out a lot of stuff for the summer trip that J&S are doing after Knit Camp in Stirling.  Connie has done all the hard work of sorting accommodation, transport etc, and I am sorting some of the trips.  I went to all sorts of places I didn’t visit last year, to see what has changed so that I can tell people where they are going and what to look out for.  There have been big changes in the Unst Heritage Centre and also at Scatness, so I am glad I went.  I also went to the ‘temporary working textile museum’ at the Bod of Gremista. Those of you who saw the displays when it was at Weisdale Mill would probably be as – how can I put this politely? – disappointed as me.  A dozen berets and a couple of jumpers, along with an Ashford wheel does not, in my mind, qualify for a working textile museum in Shetland….

I was also doing and sorting things which are under wraps at present!!  That is the difficult part of the job – keeping quiet when needed…!!  Watch this space later in the year…

3.  Back at the ranch….  I came back to the usual pile of mail etc.  Some lovely samples of new ColourMart yarns from Richard – they are now knitted up and about to be washed – more on those later.  I also have the Knit Camp shawl ready to wash, and the pattern ready for tech editing.  And a few other patterns in the last stages of proof reading.  More of those later.

And coming full circle, one of the letters awaiting my return was the cutting from Rosemary (purlrose on Ravelry) from the Liberal Democrat News, the newspaper of the Lib-Dems which found my earlier post about Alistair’s gansey.  They were highly amused by both the original post and your comments.  Funny old world and it is nice to make it funnier….!!


2 thoughts on “Playing Catch-Up

  1. Don’t suppose you would care to block my latest creation? No, thought not. I had better get down on my hands and knees and do it myself. Sigh.

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