I have my new wheel.  It is a Shetland spinney made by Hamish Polson from the island of Yell out of Sycamore.  It is tiny (as the spinneys were/are) but perfectly formed…

Many more details later when I have a decent internet connection and have taken proper pix, but for now a pic of Hamish with the wheel….

….and one of her on her own….

We drove up to Yell today to pick her up, and to see Hamish and his wife Ruby again.  How we first came to meet is a story in itself, but it will have to wait for another day.


14 thoughts on “MINE!!

  1. I am pea-green with jealousy! She’s a lovely wheel, and I especially like the lazy kate built in like that.

    Assuming Tony gets back from running multiple errands in time, the you-know-what will be photographed today! :=)

    1. The built in function is really bobbin storeage – it is far too close and the wrong angle for a lazy kate – same with modern wheels. The lazy kate is on the sweerie box at Hamish’s feet. It takes two bobbins (that is what I asked for).

      Looking forward to the pix but wait until Tuesday, could you? My internet connection here is terrible….


      1. Will do…if you don’t see them by early evening your time, remind me. And just for your info, I used a little under 60g of yarn. May I post pics to my blog, or do you wish to keep this under wraps for now?

    1. It is finished… A clear varnish with a satin finish. Sycamore is a very white wood which is why it looks so pael – it IS pale!!

      My internet connection here is terrible so I am only doing the minimumatprestn. More afte I get home next week!!


  2. I am so glad you got a Polson wheel. He is such a fine craftsman/artist, with the most humble yet mischevious smile. Let us know how she spins!! Hugs, K.

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