Would you vote for this man??

Those of you not in the UK might well not know that we are in the middle of an election.  This means we have endless sound bites and political broadcasts where politicians spend the time slagging each other off, rather than telling us what THEY would do if  in power.  It also means whole forests of trees coming through the door urging you to vote for this person or that.

Today I got one from Alistair Carmichael, our sitting member.  I am going to vote for him.

Forget the policies – just look at the gansey…

If you click on the pic I have put it in big enough to see the stitching.

I suggest all UK knitters should make their choice on 6th May on similar grounds….


19 thoughts on “Would you vote for this man??

  1. I’d vote for him. In fact, I’d move to be able to have a candidate like that instead of a stick in a suit. Have you worked out the pattern yet?

  2. Yes! My family will be voting for Alistair, his gansey, his party and even his policies. Besides his taste in sweaters (and I suspect Kate might have a hand in that) he is a great politician, good family man and a decent bloke.

  3. Having listened to a bunch of idiots campaigning for a state primary election on the radio this morning, I have to say voting on the basis of gansey seems perfectly logical to me!

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